Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grinding it out

Ok no more daft questions today.Did I really ask if any NL players bluff pre-flop? What I meant was how regularly do nl players make random bluff bets preflop as its not a move I generally make.

Between that and the most boring hand history ever posted it wasn't exactly quality output yesterday.

Played for 4 1/2 hours last night at Pokerroom for a $30 loss but not too upset as I felt I'd played quite well and earned over 100 player points towards the $96 bonus I'm chasing.

Two tabled $1nl again for most of the night and although I had a few swings of fortune I was never up or down too much.When I wasn't at $1nl I was two tabling .50nl tables with higher average pots than the $1nl tables.

Lost $20 in one hand when the curse of the Kings returned.I bet $2 preflop at .50nl and got two callers.I then lead out for $6 on a 9d 2d 7s flop.Fish boy raises to $12,the other villan folds and I reraise him for his last $6 which he calls all in and after a blank turn a J on the river gives him two pairs with J9.Hmmmm nice.

Looking forward to clearing this bonus and getting back to good old 6 max.I don't think I've adjusted my play well enough for the full ring game after playing so much 6 max over the last few months.Maybe I'll open another table and try three tabling $1nl.

The other difference this week is that due to the Pokerroom bonus having to be cleared by Dec 20th I've almost felt obliged to be playing there for hours everynight and it really does begin to feel like a grind.Maybe thats just a bit of frustration at playing for aprox 12 hours and being down about $10.

The $1 tables seem to be full of the same multi-tablers which makes it more frustrating that I screwed up my Pokertracker.

I did get a break from the grind playing in Interpokers Ipod freeroll at 11pm.I thought it was a 10pm start but was actually running quite well when I realised that if I was going to make the top 50 I'd probably need to be up till about 2am so I decided it was make or break and very quickly breaked!

Going out with the boys at work for a night out in Glasgow tomorrow night where I intend to drink a skinful.The last time I was drunk was on holiday back in September so I'll probably be sensible and go for pizza first.Up extra early tomorrow morning to get the bus into town.Should be a good night.

People are starting to get busy for Xmas so I think its best we leave the next blogger ROW v USA tourney until the new year.

The way this blog has gone in the last few days maybe I'd be better taking a break until then too.I can see why bloggers take breaks from it.The problem is that if I went by the old adage "if you don't have anything useful to say then don't say anything at all" that would leave a lot of blank pages so I tend to revert back to school diary mode. " I played poker last night and went to work today.Had shreddies for breakfast".

Maybe I try and post daily ( even if it is rubbish) because I don't have much of an attention span and fear if I miss one day that will turn into 3 or 4 and before I know it this blog will stagnate and die off.I'm actually quite a lazy person and have surprised myself with my dedication to this blogging lark.

I'm not sure if maybe it would be better to cut down my posts and try and bring a bit more quality to them.

Hmm something to think about.

Raise hell at the tables...


At Thursday, 15 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

are you crazy! take a break!

you have the most popular blog i know!

rose loves it! i love it! the edge loves it!

Think of your readers!

do you play pool?

At Thursday, 15 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Hey thanks Juice.Just feelin' a little short on inspiration this week.

I love playing pool.Used to play a couple of times a week till my mate moved away and I stopped my befriending work.

The 1986/87 Youth Club Champion!

At Thursday, 15 December, 2005, Blogger ChiefBigtoke said...

Hey acorn. I rarely, and I mean rarely bluff preflop in a full NL ring game. It's just not worth it. Either you pick up the blinds or you are forced with tough decisions on every street after that if you get called. Fuck that.

As far as your blog goes, remember it's for yourself. Blog whenever and whatever you want, don't try to be a people pleaser with it if that's the case.

Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. Be sure to burn one in celebration!

At Thursday, 15 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

I've burned many in celebration ;-)

Not trying to please people.Just wish I was a better writer.

Thanks for your thoughts on preflop bluffs.I agree but I wasn't sure if it was a leak.

At 6 max semi bluffs are essential at weak tables but not worth risking too often with the crazy donkeys.

I'm off to do more celebrating :-)

Enjoy the rest of your day Chief.Still a pup at 27.

At Friday, 16 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Hey did I tell you might might be in glasgow on febuary 19 for my god brothers wedding! We could go for a game of pool!

At Friday, 16 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

I'd be up for that Juice so long as you promise not to shark little old acorn!

At Friday, 16 December, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...


Your blog is very popular and you have nothing to worry about. Keep doing what you do.

I have the same opinion of myself from time to time (not being a writer and all) but the reason people come back is because of the way you write.

And believe me, they will keep coming back if you just keep doing what you do.

You have a great blog, buddy.


At Saturday, 17 December, 2005, Blogger Veneno said...

I agree with Chief and Gary. Keep doing what you are doing!


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