Thursday, December 08, 2005

Damn.How could that happen to me?!

Stayed away from the tables until quite late on last night.Watched the football and that Space Cadet programme I mentioned yesterday before firing up a table around midnight.

Bought in for $100 and after a couple of failed limps and paying the blinds I was down at $91 when Mrs A arrived home from work.I went to say hello and sat back down to Kd7d on the button.After telling myself not to kid myself this was a good hand despite it being the best I'd seen since I sat down I somehow ignored that inner voice and called a loose players small raise sensing weakness.The villan had raised more than anyone at the table and had an almost maniac image but this time the raise was 2 bb and was after everyone had folded to him.I'd hardly seen a flop so I was thinking that he thought he could push me out and probably take the blinds.

I called and can't remember the details but I do remember trying to bluff this loose maniac type player with a decent sized river bet ( representing a flush) and he called with his Q10 for 2 pairs.I suppose at least I was right about him being weak preflop but I should probably have gone on my instincts and made a large reraise to try and take it there and then or at the very least I shouldn't have been dumb enough to try and bluff a maniac and that clever move cost me $30.

My next move was to try out an idea I'd been meaning to blog about for a while and that was to fake anger and frustration in the chat box in the hope that on the odd occasion I would pick up a premium hand after a loss I could raise more than usual and act as if I was on tilt.

I saw Phil Lak mention after losing a hand that "I'm gonna be on tilt now" and although he was probably joking it made me think how chat like that could be used as a weapon online.Up until now after I'd played a hand badly or had a bad beat I've kept quiet but this time straight after my $30 nightmare I get KK and right away I type "Damn I don't fu*kin believe that".

The action folds round to me and I raise $5 ( 5bb) and get 3 callers.Board come 4 5 K rainbow and instead of my checkraise looking scary to the original raiser I'm sure it looked like the action of someone drawing thin and I was reraised! I never got to see the villans hand at showdown but the final pot was $115 and brought me from $40 down to $35 up for the night.

My original idea was to write my "Damnit" comment after every really bad beat/play but obviously I'd only be able to use the advertising to good effect if I got a premium hand in the next few dealt.

Maybe it would have made no difference to the way the hand was played out but when I think about how often I've seen players lose big then bet as if they are on tilt on the next hand only to showdown a monster it has to be worth a try every now and then.Expect more "No f*kcing way" ,"That's been happening to me all week" etc comments from now on! I don't berate my opponent though.No need.Just so long as the table think I'm full of self pity and anger that will do.

I was playing last night when another incident made me think how much I like the sheer honesty you get at the poker table.What am I wittering on about now? Well I've read a lot of blogs where people like me who work for big companies ( no names!) are sick and tired of all the corporate bullsh*t we hear every day.You want to "hit the ground running"? I hope its at high f*cking speed! Go tick your boxes elsewhere and shove your "No I in team" garbage where the sun don't shine.

Watched a player win with quad Jacks last night at a 10 seat full ring table and not one person said "nh" or "vnh" in the chat box.Sure I thought it was a nice hand but like everyone else only if it was dealt to me! Saw a player who lost with KK to K9 earlier say "lol KK" in the chat and nearly wrote "you don't really find losing $60 funny?" just to annoy but have to say I sometimes use that tactic myself to show I don't care about Mr Fishy and his suckout.

Off to drop off my Mums 60th birthday card and get back to my fine wee family.


At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger Jimmy said...

I'm gonna have to try the "I'm on tilt, but not really" move soon. Excellent idea as always. Keep up the great work

At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger PokerSweetHome said...

Deception in the chat box .. yet another arrow in the quiver. Good move .. your fake tilt probably did help in the hand.



At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Any edge however small has to help.Thanks for reading and commenting.

At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Hey Acorn,

I like your tilt idea.

One strategy that the Juice and I use, to mask our supposed skills, is to start off a session by telling each other how much we've lost in the last 24 hours. The idea is the make other players think that we're long term losers.

Mr Edge.

At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

edge, we ARE long term losers!


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