Monday, November 28, 2005

ABC Poker?

Watched Rangers lose 2-1 to Hibs yesterday.That's now 8 winless games. The longest run without a win since 1891 and the manager still says there is no crisis! Just go and go now while you still have your dignity.

After that debacle I had a quiet day playing my PSP and just chilling out.Hit the tables about 8 ish and played a wee .10-.20 nl game with Juice.Finished $19 up but will need to be careful not to get complacent at these levels.I get used to all the action of 6 max and the full ring needs a step back and more patient approach.

I've been considering what makes for good poker and what doesn't.When I play at high pot average tables with lots of crazy plays I suppose the skill is in separating the fish from those loose aggressives that know how to play well but it does seem that all I do is play ABC poker simply because that's all thats required to make the most profits.

There is obviously a way to play at most tables and as its usually the opposite to the way the table is playing that's probably why I end up playing the rock at these loose goose tables.

Sometimes I feel like I've almost forgotten how to play and can only play the one type of game.Whether I should complain if that style is profitable I'm not sure.

Perhaps I just need to try and get more used to the money side of the game.I mentioned how I didn't think I played scared at £2-£5 6 max on Sat night but after going back to $.50 nl I can see that there was no way I was at my best and was still playing slightly scared.Considering a year ago $5-$10nl seemed like a game for millionaires I've made some progress in the way I view it but its still hard for me to get my head round the amounts invloved sometimes.I was $500 down at one point on both Friday and Saturday nights.That's £250!!! Thats just short of the mortgage I pay on my flat which I let out.

Like the example I posted before though I suppose its like speeding up to 100 mph in your car then slowing to 70mph.70mph suddenly seems like a slow stroll in the park.

Maybe I should just try and find some more passive tables to run over just for the hell of it.Probably not as profitable but certainly fun.

Finished $75 up at Pokerroom after a couple of false starts but had some damn good fun while I was there.ABC poker usually does the job for me but I messed around a bit trying out a few new things.For example a preflop raiser made the usual continuation bet on an AQ7 rainbow board but as his bet seemed a bit weak I reraised and he folded.Felt great!

The next 5 max table I moved to I decided to try and mess with a few heads and try some stuff out.I raised preflop with 4s5h to $5.Now 4 *bb would be $2 so it was a hefty bet.I get one caller and we see a flop of 7d 8h 9h.I bet $8 and enjoyed showing down my 5 high when the virtual chips came my way.( hey I did have a gutshot straight draw!).

Next hand I get AA and bet $5 peflop and get one caller again.I bet out $25 on a 3 3 K rainbow board and take it down.The bet was high because I was trying to set myself up as a maniac.

On my very next hand I'm in the BB with 5d 3d and call a $1.50 bet for a $1 out of my big blind position.$5.25 already in pot so I'm getting 5-1 for my call and with my new maniac image hitting the flop hard could pay off....

Flop comes Qd 5h 3h giving me a lovely 2 pairs but no room to slow play due to the board.I bet $10 and get one call from the preflop raiser ( QhJh) and reraised to $34.60 by the other caller who fell into my trap and pushed with A9! He was all in but thanks to him I was able to reraise all in myself for my last $45 which Mr QJ called.Now he had tpgk and a flush draw so I could see his logic but an 8d on the turn and an unrequired 5c on the river gave a full house and the pot.

Mr A9 called me a fish and got very upset which was funny so I just wound him up a bit more.

I can see why clever maniacs/loose aggressives can profit from upsetting peoples egos with their betting and forcing mistakes.I'd bet my house that Mr A9 was dribbling with excitement at the thought of showing me his hand if I'd folded to his reraise.

Left not long after for bed $95 up in total and a happy but very tired Acorn.

Who's up for another round of US v ROW poker bloggery tourney goodness this Sunday?

As always all welcome.Same format as last time.9 pm gmt ( 4pm est) at Pokerstars.Watch this space...


At Monday, 28 November, 2005, Blogger Dave said...

I'm always up for another US vs ROW rematch. I think Sunday will be available for me unless the Mrs has other plans for me (involving risking life and limb on a ladder putting up holiday lights).

At Monday, 28 November, 2005, Blogger Meek said...

Am I still allowed to play, being the first blogger out and all? It's a moot point, I should be flying from Florida to Ohio that day. If anything changes, I'll tag along.

At Tuesday, 29 November, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hope to see you on Sunday Chipper.Careful on that ladder!

Meek any US player with crash out record like that is more than welcome.The ROW are going for 4 in a row...

( I was out just as early in the first tourney)


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