Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rangers make History!

Quite how a team who have not won for 9 games can go on and make history by becoming the first Scottish club ever to qualify from the Champions league for the knockout stage I'll never know but I suppose that unpredictability is why sports fans love their sports the world over.

The atmosphere was electric last night as the Italian superstars rolled into town.Adriano scored first after 1/2 hour and Lovenkrands equalised 7 minutes later meaning that so long as Art Media didn't beat Porto we were through.The 2-3 minute delay at the end of the game waiting to hear the score from Brataslava was torture but the joy and relief when it was announced they had drawn 0-0 and we were through was incredible.Its been a crap season so far but while our rivals can get excited about playing Inverness or Aberdeen the Champions go into the draw a week on Friday with the elite of European football ( and Juices team Arsenal).

It also means our manager,Alex Mcleish,can go out on a high having won 7 trophies in 4 years and made history last night.Doesn't change the fact a new man is needed and the rumour mill is in overdrive trying to guess who.Tomorrow is judgement day so we will see who will be only the 12th manager in our 132 year history.

Didn't get back from the game until quite late on but logged on to Ladbrokes just after midnight for a quick half hours play.( a quick half hour being much shorter than a standard half hour!).Hit up a .25-.50nl 6 max table with a $28 average pot and either played incredibly well or was incredibly lucky to finish $54 up for my short session.The reason I'm not sure is that I made most of my money calling down 2 bluffers using the logic that this was a wild loose table and that the reason the villans had made the bets the size they did was because they had nothing.

I'd like to say it was pure intuitive genuis ( ho ho ) but in reality I wonder if its connected to my usual habit of starting a session badly and bouncing back.If I was to finish my weekend games at 2am I'd probably be an overall loser but I usually have a word with myself,tighten up and manage a comeback.The key is tightening up as I'm sure I start sessions looking to play poker and show some reading skills etc then revert to tight and aggressive when I realise I can't read every player on every hand.

Interested to read Colins latest post on shorthanded table selection and why he prefers weak tight type players at his table as highly aggressive type of players run over the tight ones stealing blinds etc.This may well be the case in fixed limit 6 max but at nl 6 max playing a tight game at a loose table with a very high average pot is still the way ahead in my opinion.

For example last nights .25-.50 nl 6 max table had an ave pot of $28.Mr Loose aggressive can steal my blinds if he likes ( whoppee he made .50) but I know that when I get a hand they are loose enough to pay me off and if they are clever enough to notice my tight play then I'll get my blinds back by capitalising on my image and stealing blinds back from them.If they're all too clever then its goodbye from me and off to a better table.

Colin asked how aggressive we are at 6 max.Not aggressive enough is my personal answer but when you pick the type of tables I do then its more of a trapping game or making sure I have a hand on the flop and betting big if I think I'm ahead.No cheap draws from me.

Off to pick up Step A and a nice juicy steak from Mrs A's work before having a quiet night in.Since I discovered poker I watch a lot less tv but there's a new show on tonight called "Space Cadets" which I like the sound of.Tell 10 reality tv contestants they are being flown to Russia and 3 lucky winners will be flying to space in a Russian space tourist rocket when in reality they'e been flown in circles round the UK, landed at a remote specially fitted out warehouse and are going to space in a simulator!

Have a great night and remember if anyone offers you a free trip to space and the chance to be on tv tell 'em to stick up their booster!


At Thursday, 08 December, 2005, Blogger PokerSweetHome said...

Hey Acorn,

You are right .. my table selection ideas for 6-max are specific to limit. You can't afford to wait around for a good hand because you are in the blinds 1/3 of the time and that makes up a significant portion of the total pot. In NL you can afford to be more selective as the blinds are insignificant as a percentage of the potential pot.




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