Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Amazing Hammer hand!

** Dealing card to Acornman: 2 of Diamonds, 7 of Spades
Quittenton folded
Onkelpoker called - $0.20
jon_o folded
Acornman called - $0.20
HAYCON15 called - $0.20
rosie_m called - $0.20
Jeinsen checked

** Dealing the flop: 3 of Spades, 5 of Diamonds, 6 of Spades
rosie_m checked
Jeinsen checked
Onkelpoker checked
Acornman bet - $1.00
HAYCON15 went all-in - $1.50
rosie_m called - $1.50
Jeinsen folded
Onkelpoker folded
Acornman called - $1.50

** Dealing the turn: Ace of Diamonds
rosie_m checked
Acornman checked

** Dealing the river: 4 of Spades
rosie_m bet - $0.80
Acornman raised - $1.60
rosie_m called - $1.60
HAYCON15 shows: 3 of Diamonds, King of Diamonds
rosie_m shows: 2 of Spades, 7 of Diamonds
Acornman wins $2.61 from the main pot
Acornman wins $4.14 from side pot 1
rosie_m wins $2.62 from the main pot
rosie_m wins $4.16 from side pot 1

This must be a world first surely! I expect the worlds media to be bidding for our stories.A Hollywood film and an appearance on "This Morning" surely await!

Rosie announced in the chat she had the hammer.Rosie is a reader (my only known non blogger reader and laddys regular!) and I thought she was bluffing.Notice how we both disguised our preflop monsters by casually calling instead of going all in.Great stuff.Maybe someone who knows maths could tell us what the odds are for 2 people being dealt the hammer then making a straight and splitting the pot!

I shouldn't really have been at the table let alone in that pot.Mark was up from about 9pm and we had a fine evening shooting the breeze ( and aliens) and crashing cars at high speed ( Need for Speed).

He left just before Mrs A got back from work and I should have gone to bed but the lure of Laddys was too strong and I ended up playing till 01.15am and winning $28 at the .10-.20 full ring table.I have noticed that I tend to abandon my usual tight game at these tables and loosen up a little looking for opportunities.There's more than a few fish there and if I can call a min raise with just about any hand I know I can get away if I miss but if I hit there's no way the preflop raiser can escape his top pair.To be fair its the lowest limit available and there must be people playing for the first time or having never looked at a book or any kind of strategy guide.

Sorry to hear from Juice about his sister being burgled while she was away.Its happened to me before and while items can be replaced the damage goes much deeper.I was actually in the house and had a knife held to my throat on one occasion ( it was a rough place and we were done 6 times in total) and it certainly changes your outlook.Even now I still leap out of bed at the slightest noise ( not Mrs A's snoring I'm used to that) and have only just got out the habit I had when I stayed in my flat of constantly looking out the window to see what was out there.This was 12 years ago when a friend and I got a council house in a bad area but I feel for Juices sister.Its more than just possessions lost.

Kind of got me thinking of life changing events and what's shaped me as a person.In recent times meeting Mrs A at a millenium party ( and Step A) then nearly killing myself in a car accident a couple of months later probably changed the way I view life.I feel as if life started at 27 ( 33 now) which has got to be a complement to Mrs A and Step A.My only real regrets in life are that I gave up on my childhood sweetheart too easily and that Mrs A and I didn't start trying for kids the year we first met.

I should have moved in with her just after we met but being a stubborn old stuck in his ways acorn I only moved in 18 months ago.I've always got on well with kids and nearly went to college to be a teacher ( passed the interview) and the thought that I may never have my own saddens me especially as after my sisters cancer op she won't be able to have any naturally either.

I know I'm very lucky to have Step A but I suppose another regret is that when she asked me a few years back if she could call me Dad I said it was totally up to her and that she didn't have to.I was probably a bit scared of the commitment and letting her down at the time as she now calls me by my first name and while I'd like to think we are close I'll never be "Dad". Doesn't bother me too much most of the time but when new friends of hers visit and I become "Mums boyfriend" it just feels inadequate considering I've known her for nearly 6 of her 11 years and adore her.

Ok I need to remember I'm Scottish and us Scottish men don't do soul baring of any sort.....ever! Except maybe at the football where shouting,singing and hugging strangers after goals is the main emotional release of the week.

Even when it comes to the poker I'm fairly laid back about bad beats and cold cards.I'm not saying I'm tilt free but even when I have tilted before I don't usually start by throwing my mouse about or getting angry.My tilt monster is far more subtle than that!

Maybe being a bit pessimistic and cynical helps with that.I don't mean I expect to lose but when I reraised last night with KK after a raise and a reraise I would probably have laughed and shaken my head had the villan produced the Rockets I was expecting after losing about 6 times in a row with the cowboys.Mind you with a K on the flop I damn well would have laughed if he had AA....

Rangers big game V Inter Milan tonight at Ibrox.Won't be back until late so it will probably be a pokerfree night.

Remember to believe and raise hell with a hammer!

ps I'm sure you dont mind me stealing the screenshot from your fine blog Juice!


At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

You mother F*cker! how dare you use my screenshot! ;-)

Thats terrible to hear about your sister and i cant believe you gave up on your childhood sweetheart! What happened with that. Was she a celtic fan? Could you just not look at her after that. Terrible.

I think the thing with the burglary is that my sister feels violated that people have been through all her clothes and all her posessions. She just doesnt feel safe.

I remember a year or two ago there was a burglar in my room. he shut the door and that woke me up. I got up. the house was pitch black walk onto the landing and there is a bloke in the next room with a mag light touch going though the cupboard. I yelled out and he ran past me and jumped out the window. Scary stuff.

Why isnt it too late to have some little acorns? You arent that old!

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Incidentaly i know you love playing at Laddies! YOU KNOW YOU DO!

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Re the screenshot.Sue me!

Yeah it is terrible for my sis but main thing is she beat the damn cancer.

A celt*c fan? No chance mate.We were together on and off through our teens ( best friends too) but her last boyfriend didn't like me or our friends ( now her hubby) and none of us have seen her since.( 7-8 years).My sis met her the other day and she doesn't speak to her Mum or sister either due to hubby.

Death penalty for burglars!Send them for trial with or US friends.See how they fancy old smokey!

I'm still a little acorn but mrs a is 45 and while we'll keep trying we gotta be realistic.Not totally given up yet but looks unlikely.

Btw your right I think I do love laddys!

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

You could always adopt me , the edge and rosie.

You can feed us with your poker winnings!

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

given my legal background dont think i dont know the laws of copyright!

Im going to sue you so bad.

you are going to spend the rest of your life in an ice tub from the burning im gonna give you!


At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

You know i dont think there is a limit to the powers that our blogs can bring to bear on the real world. In the way that the swindy bounty hunt made the prey change his name, move country and start a new life as a chicken farmer. I believe the power of blogging can also play the strings of the human heart.

As a christmas mission we could start up the "Acorn Lost Love". appeal. Our aim would be three fold. Find the girl. remove the hubby and recapture the flame!

Yes a tale to make anyone believe in christmas.

People would do as well.

Because everyone loves it when a plan comes to gether.


At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

You,Edge and Rosie as our kids? Arghhhh! No pocket money for you to waste at the nl table.

Your right I've not seen Swindy for a while.I reckon you could take him heads up on an nl table these days!

Your Xmas tale idea is quite funny but while it would be great to see her maybe ( like Nacho) its best to let sleeping dogs lie.( not that she was a dog!)

You changing your name to Cilla?

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I could be step A-a
The edge could be Step a-b

and rose could be step a-c

How nice would that be

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Jimmy said...

Long live the Hammer!!! Keep up the good work.

At Tuesday, 06 December, 2005, Blogger Donkey Face said...

You won't need to give us pocket money. Give us your life savings and we'll invest at Ladbrokes.

At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An amazing hand, yes.

On a slightly more serious note, if I may, Acorn. I have a stepfather of 14 years standing now. I still call him by his christian name, still introduce him as my "mum's..errr..bloke". I am though, in many ways closer to him than either natural parent. I don't know if matters as much what she calls you as what you have. It sounds like Step A is very lucky to have someone like you in her family. R

At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for your comment Rosie.Much appreciated.

At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger PokerSweetHome said...

Hey Acorn,

Good job with the hammer! It's so much harder to pull of in limit since we don't have the outrageous bluff-raise weapon.

As for your soul bearing you whiney little poof. Put it away, keep it away and never admit you have any emotion other than rage. And you call yourself a Scotsman!

Just kidding. Sounds like you have a great family and alot to be thankful for. You and Mrs. Acorn could always adopt .. which I am sure you would love, and the step-acorn would probably like to have a baby brother/sister to abuse.




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