Friday, December 09, 2005

Scotland are World Champions

Yes tears of joy were shed yesterday at the amazing news that the Scottish team managed to beat off ( hmm perhaps not the right phrase!) contenders from all over the world to win............the Elephant Polo World Championship for the 2nd time in a row!The team captain called it a mammoth task.A proud day for Scots everywhere.Maybe I should trade Nacho in for an elephant and use the back garden to practice for next years title defence.

Bought a fine new cd yesterday I've not had off my car cd player."The Legend of Johnny Cash" is class from Ring of fire to A boy named Sue ( how do you do,my name is Sue!). I thought driving to work listening to The Blues Brothers couldn't be beaten but its a close thing.Looking forward to stepping into a ring game of fire later....

Heres' a couple of quick funnies from the paper today...
A cake walk: Yes it is the time of year when chaps in the bar start partying too much and start taking their brave pills. We overhear one chap in Glasgow just this week who asked his mate: "Well, did you get much of a row when you got home at two in the morning on Friday?"Not at all, bragged his pal. "She was standing behind the door with a rolling pin – imagine wanting to bake me a cake at that time of the morning."

Parting shot : Seems Glasgow is not the worst, after all. American songwriter duo Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart, appearing at The Arches this week, said they had played at some bars in Nashville that were so rough people searched at the door who were not carrying a gun or a knife would be given one.

Looking forward to the weekend.Poker tonight and off out with friends for an Indian meal tomorrow night before going back to stay at their place.( they stay an hour away).I don't remember seeing any Indian restaurants when I last visited the States and I wonder why that is.Can't beat a nice ruby murray.(curry). Lamb saag or Chicken Rogan Josh are probably my favourites but I love most Indian food even if we do only get the fast food version in the UK.Went out for a meal with an Indian colleague a while back and he explained that when done properley these dishes take 24 hours to cook to let the flavours come through.

Mrs A will probably be on the Space Invaders tonight.Not a form of lsd but the game that plugs into the tv I bought her.Its funny because I set a high score of 8000 after about 3 goes and she sits playing it all night and can't beat 5000.I must have put her on alien tilt by winding her up about it.

Played some poker late on last night.Won $30 at 6 max then left to concentrate on a .10-.20 full ring and dropped $9 there after a decent start for a $21 profit.Enjoyed playing with Juice and Rosie as usual.Rosie helped me without realising at one point after I called a raise with 22 and she announced the hammer before folding to a post flop bet.With only one duck left in the deck and a scary board I folded.

One small observation from playing at the very lowest limit available is that sometimes a weak post flop bet does not always mean weakness.In 99% of cases it does but some players are apparently so clueless that they'll bet out 20 cents into a $3 pot with the nuts.Just something else to look for at micro stakes.

Got the Rangers game to look forward to on Sunday.After weeks of specualtion the chairman has come out and backed the manager saying he'll have money to spend in January.Wrong move and a shame the manager didn't take the chance to go out on a high.I hope he turns it round and we start playing decent football again but one or two more poor displays and the sound of 50000 singing "Alex,Alex get tae f*ck" will ring round Ibrox and that would be sad after the trophies he's won and the dignity he's shown by not ducking any interviews etc.

Have a great weekend and remember if you don't like the table your at find a juicier one...


At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Johnny Cash, huh? I'm impressed. I can't wait to see the movie, I've heard excellent reviews and I do love his music.

My name is Sue. How do you do? Now you gonna die!

Have a good weekend, buddy.


At Friday, 09 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Classic stuff G.

Have a fine one yourself mate.

At Saturday, 10 December, 2005, Anonymous rose said...

Glad I could be of assistance, my dear.

At Saturday, 10 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

why is mrs a stuck on the space invaders when you have a PS?

At Saturday, 10 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

She's never played on my ps2 or psp but likes the good old fashioned space invaders complete with 1980's joystick.

Maybe I'll buy her an Xbox 360 for Xmas...


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