Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday night calling

A quick update on my workmates Titanic dvd disaster.Someone else felt sorry for him and bought the DeCaprio/Winslet version for him and left it on his desk only to find out it was "Raise the Titanic" the 1980 version that the wee man was trying to get for his Dad.Just gets better and better.I have to say I did wonder why any self respecting man would want "Titanic" for Xmas. Maybe he should wait for the sequel "Titanic 2" to come out...

$35 up at Pokerroom after 2 tabling for 4 hours.Only need 64 points for my $96 bonus and should do that easily over the weekend.Still feeling a bit cold decked at the table.My biggest winner was calling a weak raise of $1.50 in late position due to so many being in the pot already with 10 7 offsuit and hitting 2 pairs for a $70 pot.

I've watched players at .10-.20nl at Ladbrokes fold their small blind for 5 c when there's a few $$ in the pot and can't understand it.Sure you won't hit 2 pair everytime and some hands just aint worth playing but when you get pot odds like that its got to be a call in most cases.

Made a decent read on a player when I had 77 and called a preflop raise.Usually if I don't hit my set I fold but I've been trying to sniff out more big slicks recently and try and take advantage if I feel they have missed the flop but bet anyway.

The board came with 2 queens and while AQ is a possible preflop raising hand I was sure the villan wouldn't have bet out if that was his holding.Sometime its hard to describe how you get a read but generally as its online past tendencies and more importantly betting patterns that give a lot away.If you raise $3 preflop and get 2 callers at $1nl then bet out $4-$5 into a $10.50 pot it screams of weakness.He'd have been better checking and not giving any info away.

He had raised $3 and then bet out $5 as described.I raised that to $12 which the villan put all in.He of course called with AK and hit his K on the river.

Now I'm usually so full of fine herb I don't get steamed up up these things but it did feel frustrating to have played it right and been suckered.I was even tempted to write "nice catch" in the chatbox but I'd hate my opponents to know it had bothered me so I didn't say a word.
That's not like me as I'm normally fairly emotionally neutral at the table.It could be the herb or simply that I've seen so many hands now not much surprises me anymore.

I saw one clown giving it "wow" when he outdrew another and was again tempted to ask if he'd ever won a $15 pot before.I do respect my opponents when they earn it but generally I usually have a healthy contempt for them.Maybe this is why I usually just chuckle at rivered 2 outers etc.I don't mean I'm completely immune to tilt after after bad beats but it not one of my usual triggers.

That is probably down to my bankroll as much as anything else.If a villan hit a 2 outer on the river in a $1k pot I'd imagine I would find it more than a bit emotional!

Rangers drew Villareal in the Champions League last 16 draw for the cream of European football teams ( and Arsenal).They are a quality team but probably one of the best teams to get if we want to progress.Arsenal or Liverpool would have been my choice or even the team I consider to be the worlds best Barcelona would have been great.Roll on February.

That will be all for today.About to head out for some pizza then straight out on the swally.Big thanks to Garyc,Juice and Chief for the comments left on yesterdays post.Much appreciated.

Much appreciated unlike my singing of football songs when I roll off the bus or out the taxi at some late hour.Drink seems to do that to me.I just can't help it.It starts out as a wee tune in my head and before I know it I'm belting out some Rangers anthem or another.I'm sure the neighbours will have wee tape recorders at the ready in case they are lucky enough to catch Acornmans greatest hits.Get your bootleg copy on Ebay from tomorrow....


At Saturday, 17 December, 2005, Blogger Veneno said...

When's the next USA vs ROW tournament? I heard that ROW picked up another player...

Also, thanks for all the support during my less than perfect week without poker...

At Saturday, 17 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Probably January what with Xmas coming up.

Good to read you were back at the tables.Hope you continue with your fav hobby!

You'll always have plenty of support in blogger land.

You can bet on it!


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