Sunday, December 18, 2005

1 week till Xmas

Friday night was a blast.Had my pizza and a then a good bevvy with the lads from work before getting the last bus up the road.I hate bus journeys when your bursting for a piss but thankfully I made it back home after an hour of going over bumps and craters on the road.

Snuggled up with Mrs A for a while then logged on for some poker.I was quite drunk so I played and bombed out a couple of $5 sng's before deciding to hit the cash tables.I played for 3 hours and made $30 or $20 after the sngs entry fees.The alcohol certainly loosened me up a little but along with a smoke by the time I finished I could barely see the screen!

Saw Rangers beat Hearts 1-0 at Ibrox yesterday and just had the pleasure of watching Chelsea beat Aresnal.With celt*c dropping points that makes it a fine weekend all round for football.

Played in Pokerrooms major player point $6k freeroll and came 129th from 748 just missing out on a small pay out.I was nearly blinded away when I pushed with J9 on a K 8 9 board.One caller with A10 hit his 10 on the turn.I need to learn to steal more blinds earlier to survive longer.

Made $50 at $1nl and finally earned my $96 reload bonus.Feeling good I moved to Interpoker to start working off that bonus but things went quickly downhill at the tables.My trips were busted by a drawing donkey who hit his flush and after several more awful beats I was looking at a $700 loss.I'd actually kept my tilt monster at bay but the beast of variance is a whole different animal.

This was at 2am and I was 2 tabling £1-£2 nl.I managed to pull things back and built a £100 on two tables to £200.

Finally headed for bed at 7am down $270 but feeling good that I'd managed to pull so much back.Patience really is the key when the deck seems cold and the poker gods are laughing at you.Strange that I don't consider myself superstitous but when I was at my lowest point I noticed my signed Amarillo Slim Ace of Spades had fallen on the floor down the back of my pc.I still dont believe in superstition but restoring it to its rightful place seemed to give me a new confidence and thats when my mini fightback started.

Slept till 2pm and dropped Mrs A off at the shops before hitting the Interpoker tables again.Had more joy this time and left $70 up for an hours play at $.50-$1nl 6max.

6 max and full ring games seem like a completely different game and I need to learn to adjust more quickly if I'm going to switch between them.I don't intend to though.Now I've made my Pokerroom bonus I'll probably stick to 6 max as its been my most profitable game and feels more like a game of poker should do.Playing tight but playing the player more than the cards sometimes.Much easier to get reads and the majority of players are there for action.

Not much reading material out there for 6 max nl games.If anyone knows any good resources let me know.I could try the 2 + 2 forums but I don't like the forum design.Its a nightmare to plough through.

Well done to Interpoker.They had a promo where a player got $20 for playing 300 raked hands on Fri 17th.I checked my account but didn't think they'd paid out so I called them.I'd played 299 hands according to support.Got a call back from a nice Scouse lass who credited my account with $20.

The Sunday standings then are ( including bonuses) Interpoker $1261,Ladbrokes $1637 and Pokerroom $789.

-$149 for the week.Not good but over the long term I can't expect to win every week and I did see some horrendous beats and fight the tilt monster.Played for 17 hours at Pokerooms full ring and aprox the same at Inter and Ladbrokes.

Looking forward to the last week at work before being off over Xmas.( apart from 29th).I'm not into religion but I love getting together with the family.Many long lies in bed is another reason I love being off work.My poker addiction is taking its toll and I need some quality sleep to refresh me.

I say addiction and thats probably true to some extent.I managed 2 poker free weeks whilst away on holiday and didn't give it a second thought but I do love playing No Limit Holdem.
I'm very lucky that Mrs A is understanding and has her own hobbies ( and work) to do.I'm sure the fact I'm winning overall helps but even if I was raking in millions I'd still make time to spend with the family.Usually about 10 minutes just after the tv news.( he jokes!)

Ownership of the tv remote probably helps soothe things too along with the cashouts which have bought stuff from a new bed to some of the wee ones Xmas presents.

Not decided what to do at New Year yet.Hogmany ( Dec 31st) is an excuse for a major party in Scotland and Mrs A and I have a couple of invites.Its also our 6th aniversary together after the evil wench ( or love of my life) seduced me and dragged me to her lair at a Millenium party neither of us planned on being at.We may just ask a few friends over.I may only be 33 but standing outside at the George square party and hunting all night for a taxi home ( at 3 times usual fare) doesn't appeal much.

Ok gotta run.Sunday roast dinner ( roast beef,gravy,veg and Yorkie pud) ready and the Wizard of Oz is about to reach its thrilling climax.

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore....


At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Hi Acorn, the forum I use to make me think is, I hated 2+2's design and elitist posters and found FTR to be a much more welcoming place ! There's both good and bad opinions on there, but its good to see how others think about certain strategies.

At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

I'll give it a try Tan.Thanks.


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