Friday, December 23, 2005

Xmas is coming....

I hate wrapping presents.I asked Mrs A if I could blindfold her and get her to wrap her own presents but she said no.At least I'm organised and bought everything in that I need.

Still to buy my Mums Xmas present but that will be easy.A gift certificate from pokerroom.Mum blew her first real money deposit so hopefully this one will last longer! At least as its a gift she'll be able to tell my Dad about it this time.

Funny how this time last year she was the one giving lectures about degenerate gambling and a year later she's taking phone calls in another room from Dad and whispering about her latest bad beat!

Had a good night at the tables last night.Interpoker had a prize draw if you played one raked hand.Ended up 3 tabling .50-1nl full ring and was winning $82 when it froze up and booted me.

Moved to Ladbrokes .10-.20nl table with the usual suspects and played through till just after 1am for a $23 profit most of which came from my loyal reader Rosie.I was drawing and Rosies bets were solid but I still think I had odds to draw to my many outs! Thankfully Rosie won it all back from Juice just before leaving.....which was nice!

$105 up for the night and quite pleased that I've managed to register winning sessions over the last few nights.I should probably have more faith in myself and not start to panic that one or two bad hits mean I'll never win again.

Read an interesting post at cardplayers forum from a player who said he had lost the will to play poker.I mentioned before I seem to take ages to start my sessions and I wondered if it was due to burnout or boredom with the game.I only feel that way until I start though then I love it as much as always.Lets face it playing one table and folding for hours isn't much fun even if you are following the action closely.Playing live with so much to take in and observe is totally different.

Playing 3 full ring tables last night kept me busy and my stats said I was seeing aprox 12% of flops.3 tabling also seems to help keep it impersonal which helps although trash talk doesn't bother me at the table.In fact I welcome it because it makes me feel I must be a threat to the trashtalker and if he's chatting he aint paying as much attention to the game.

Ok the posts will probably be less frequent over the next wee while.

Latest figures are Ladbrokes:$1399 Pokerroom $789 Interpoker:$1337

Pokerroom total wil be reduced after I send Mum her Xmas gift certificate.

Someone has just pointed out that if you google "Bitter paranoid club bankrupt of success" and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button it takes you to the site of celti*c fc.How appropriate!

Rangers signed the leagues top scorer yesterday.Kris Boyd joined the Champions for about £500k due to him being out of contract in the summer.17 goals so far this season.He's a good bluenose too and the move must have made his Christmas.I'm only 33 and haven't given up hope of getting the call from Ibrox yet.Even if its just to polish the trophies....

Not long to go then off to the pub for our team lunch then up the road to Mrs A and the mighty midget.( as i like to call Step A).

Going over to see friends tonight and they want to play poker.Mrs A is talking about staying at home rather than chatting with the girlies while we play but I'm hopeful bribery may work!
She's had a couple of nights round at the neighbours recently and I've stayed in playing poker so not sure if she's making a point.She's got the painters in just now so that doesn't help her mood!

Righty time to head off to lunch.

Have a great Friday!


At Friday, 23 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

nice for rosie, not nice for me!

At Sunday, 25 December, 2005, Blogger The Edge said...

Happy Christmas big guy.

I managed to do a little Poker with Rosie and J today. Unfortunately my internet connection crashed when I hit a set of queens on the flop. NTL can be very testing on one's patience!

At Sunday, 25 December, 2005, Blogger Veneno said...

Have a Merry Christmas!!


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