Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brace yourself Manchester!

The Gers are coming!

The convoy has begun as the cars begin to pass by outside my work with horns blaring and flags flying.I've no idea how many are travelling down to Manchester for the final but estimates range from 80-125k people! It's going to be some party!

My passenger side electric window has been stuck half down since Sunday but thankfully the garage have jammed it back up until it gets fixed on Friday.Looks like I'll be leaving for Manchester about 9.15am with my cousin.We don't have tickets yet and so far the plan is to watch the game on the big screens the council are providing.We have somewhere to stay but I may just drive back up the road straight after the game.Sadly Bristol is nowhere near Manchester or a detour may have been taken!

Congrats to Mr Edge who played really well to take down Sunday nights Bloggerment.Although it seemed a little slow and took some time to come to the boil,it was an enjoyable game and thanks to all who played.The numbers may be down but the chatbox was still buzzing and I don't think it's time to put the tourney to bed just yet.It is open to all bloggers/readers and that includes those who read blogs but don't have the time or inclination to leave comments!

I played a few turbs afterwards and didn't cash.I did bubble horribly yet again ,this time when some muppet shortstack called my K8 push with 95c and rivered a flush.No other option other than to ride out the crappy streak I was on and keep battering away at the sngs.

Weegem asked me at the Bloggerment if I do any coaching and I said I'd give it a go over a few games with him and see if I could be of any help with his turbo sng game.I'm not sure I'll be able to help much, but I did always want to be a teacher and I do love my poker which makes me think it's worth a try.

He plays mainly $3.40 single table turbos and I began my poker last night by playing one to get a feel for it.Verdict? Very fishy indeed!

At one point a big stack limped,I reraised with AK and when it got back to the big stack he shoved all in with AJ.After I'd won that pot I didn't have to do much else, although I did think I was in trouble after a failed steal attempt left me in fourth with five left.That was until the big stack shoved and two idiots called,one with 52 off and the other ( current 3rd placed player) with KJ.The bigstack won the hand,I made the money and from there I managed to chip up and win it.

A bit later I played two $6 ,18 player turbos with Juice ( Quixote) and took both down for a perfect 3/3 sng win record for the night.After my nightmare weekend at the turbs,those wins were very welcome and hopefully the worst of my bad run is over.Don't get me wrong,I expect to lose many, many races and have plenty of big hands busted during a session, however I also expect to be able to win enough to make up for the standard beats the turbs provide.

Ok,don't expect any posts for a few days.Manchester and the Uefa Cup final await....

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