Saturday, May 17, 2008

Volume and clear head

No wonder Rangers fans sing "Fuck the SPL". ( Scottish Premier League)Making us play four games in eight days, including a Uefa Cup final caught up with us yesterday, as we could only draw 1-1 with Motherwell, and now look likely to lose the title on goal difference.The Russian FA gave Zenit St Petersburg a couple of weeks off before last weeks Uefa final but Rangers were forced to play on the Saturday.Hmmmmf!

To the poker and Friday night was a little mixed.I made $60 from eleven turbos,won $35 at a Ladbrokes $200nl table and blew a $100 buy-in at Bet365 on a hand I'm not sure I could have got away from.I had AhKs and got the money in on a QhKh10h flop ( I was aprox 60/40 underdog) thinking I was good.The villain had KK, I wasn't expecting that,and didn't improve.

Last night I hit the turbs and decided to try some more 4/6 tabling.I'm pleased to say I've mastered the technique required... and can now roll a smoke whilst four tabling! Six is still a bit tricky!

This one outer came quite early in the night and thankfully I was able to laugh it off and not begin to steam...

I read an excellent response from Jennifear to a question on Pocketfives asking how to deal with sng turbo variance.The answer? Volume and a clear head.Short,to the point and most importantly,as usual, she is bang on the money!

Keeping that clear head in the face of the inevitable beats is never easy.As I've probably mentioned before I use a couple of simple mental tricks that work for me most of the time.Imagining I really am playing at coin flips helps.We all know if we were to toss a coin a good few times, there will be occasions when it will land on the same side a seemingly improbable amount of times in a row.Likewise at the casino the roulette display boards will often show a streak of wins for red/black or for odd/even numbers.These runs may last for 10,15 or even 20 in a row but they will even out in the end.

Another thing I try not to do is to look ahead in the hand and imagine myself winning it as that can lead to tilt too.I don't get dealt Aces and look ahead to the big pot I must win as I've been dealt the best hand in poker.I think allowing your thoughts to race ahead to the reward you feel you are somehow due ( and nobody is due anything at poker)just increases the anger,frustration and chances of tilt when your hand doesn't hold up.

The same can be applied to football.I was obviously very disappointed that Rangers didn't win the Uefa cup last week.I have however felt much worse after other defeats, despite that being our biggest game for years and years.Possibly because I knew Zenit were a good side,I didn't look ahead and imagine us beating them.They won 2-0 with a goal at the end of each half.However,if Rangers had been 1-0 up until the last minute,Zenit has scored an injury time equaliser and had then gone on to score three more and win in extra-time ,I would have been inconsolable.The trophy may not be won until the final whistle blows but until that hypothetical injury time equaliser,it would have been nearly impossible not to imagine Rangers were going to win and to envisage the celebrations and partying that would have resulted.

Anyway the 4/6 tabling went well and I left Stars $285 up over the 24 turbs I played.By this time I fancied a change of scenery.I couldn't find a juicy cash table and decided to hit some $33 single table turbos on Party.I played two and managed a 3rd place in one of them to leave me about even.The play was dreadful and I fired up a couple more and ventured up to $55 sng turbo land too.The $55's were not full of sharks either and I didn't feel outplayed there at all.What I did notice was that after not making the money in a couple of $33's and $55's, suddenly I was down about $200.I had to remind myself that was only a few buy-ins at those levels and nothing to panic about.

By this time it was just after 4am and I was so tired/wasted that I was splashing water on my face to try and keep me awake.I fired up a a couple more $33's + $55's and tried to stay focused.Winning a nice pot at the $55 must have sent enough of a buzz around my head to spark something, as I ended up winning the $33 and coming 3rd at the $55 for a $45 overall profit.I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Looks like my cousin can't get any time off next month for our Amsterdam trip which is frustrating.Rosie is away that weekend or that would have been an even better option.I may do a Dr Pauly inspired trip on my own with just some good books and my laptop for company.Hmmm.

I'm only in work tomorrow before being off for the rest of the week.I'd booked it off a while ago as it looked like being the only time off available all summer until I managed to bag that week in June. I'm tempted to cancel it as Rosie is away anyway and I have no real plans.I'm now just looking forward to some long lie in's and no work!

Ok,Don't forget to register for tonights Bloggerment at 9pm bst on Stars.Pass:donkament. It's only rumours ( tenuous link to youtube video clip)but Dr Pauly is already registered and The Last King of Scotland ( until now known as Dudley/Res/dD)will hopefully show up too.Dr Pauly is based in New York but TLKOS is not so far away.( even more tenuous link to second youtube clip!)

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