Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Late Night,Small Cash

I fired up the Pokernews tourney on Sat night at 8pm only to find it had actually started at 7.With a 30k starting stack and 15 min blind levels my error didn’t cost me many chips and I managed to double up a couple of times with Aces within the first couple of hours.After my weekend mauling at Party it took me a while to settle into the game and in truth I don't think I played very well at all.I didn't do enough 3 and 4 betting and although the structure obviously favoured more skilled players I'm certainly not in that group when it comes to deep stacked multi-table tourneys.

My first real play of the game came about when I raised with 7h6h from early position and was re raised by a fairly loose aggro player in the big blind.I shoved all in over the top of his raise and he called with AK.I nipped to the toilet as the hand played out and when I returned I discovered I'd doubled through and earned some nasty chatbox abuse from the AK villain, which after a few smokes only raised a smile.( I didn't bother replying)

Just under 5000 players started and by 3-4am I was more than ready for bed.A quick look at the payout structure revealed it was very top heavy and I'd need to make the top 10 for a decent cash.( just over $10k was the first prize) I felt I should have been open raising more often around this time, although it was difficult as most of the other stacks at my table were far smaller than mine and the perfect size for shoving over any raises I made.

About 5am I raised with 4d5d from early position and called a reraise.When two diamonds came on the flop I led out and when shoved on I made a tired donkey call and missed my flush v KK.I was veering between being desperate for my bed and telling myself I'd already played for nine hours and I'd be letting myself down if I donked off the rest of my chips at that stage.After that hand I was down to just over 1m chips with the blinds/antes totalling 105k.I effectively had 10 big blinds and plenty of sng experience so that's when I felt most comfortable and I began shoving quite liberally to chip up again.

I finally busted in 41st place for $128 when I called a raise with Aces and check raised the original raiser on a 5 J 10 flop.He had 55 and that was that.I didn't feel too bad as I'd run well enough to get to that position in the first place and I wasn't playing great poker.I was too focused on my own cards even during hands I was involved in.I could put that down to tiredness and the fact that although having a wee smoke helps my game, I was nearly comatose by 3am!

Although I was completely exhausted yesterday after 5 hours sleep at least I'd cashed and the time spent earning that $128 put me off just gambling away my last $260 on Party by playing $55 sngs! I watched "Source Code" last night,played only four sngs and had an early one.
Walking through Glasgow at lunchtime today I saw a sign stating "Caution:Men Working Overhead" beside an office block and it seemed really stupid to me as it's not as if they guys above cleaning the windows are going to fall and land on me.There's something to mention on my blog I thought...As I walked a bit further I was suddenly soaked by water coming from the cleaners above and the warning sign didn't seen so silly!

Back soon....

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