Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Change Please

Things are looking up on the health front after the anti-biotics the dentist gave me for the nasty gum infection I had did the job.The Doc reckoned my dodgy stomach was due to a virus that lingered but it's fine now too and I'm fairly sure it was the nasty stuff from my gums that was the cause.At least I lost 1/2 stone though.Feels good to be healthy again!

Life at the virtual felt last weekend was sickening again.I came 15th in a $7.50 Mtt after having my Kings busted by QQ and finished 16th in the $11,$18k Gtd after getting Aces in v QQ and KK only for a Queen to come on the river.

Friday night was brutal too and after running KK into Aces three times last night it just seemed to be never ending.I did finally manage to find a wee bit of run good in the $33 Saturday Speedway,managing a 26th place finish for $238.I lost a flip with AK V 88 to exit that one.It did hurt a bit but I really don't mind losing genuine near coin flips like that.It's all the 99 v 98 and the villain rivers a straight type shit that I just can't seem to escape at the moment.Ahh well time to man up and keep at it!

I did run better in the local newspaper competition stakes when I entered a comp to win 10 free driving lessons.I won the comp and passed them on to Step A who was very pleased with the prize.( though it cost me £50 to pay for her new provisional licence!)
She had her photo taken for the paper and it made me smile when I sent her a text on Wed to say she was on page 10 and got the reply "Oh dear god".

Picking up my new HTC One X mobile this week.While no doubt some people would be excited about upgrading ( I have the HTC Desire just now) I'm only doing it because my rental would go up if I stayed on the same deal.The phone I have does everything I want it to do and I really can't be arsed transferring my Vids to youtube and all my contacts over to the new one.( it's a different sized Sim apparently).I also have 200 photo's I'll need to somehow save somewhere.

Maybe it's just me but when I see " Come look at our shiney new website layout/upgraded product" etc I just wonder why the hell people can't just leave things as they are.At least Shreddies went back to the original ones after trying out "exciting new Shreddies" ( or some such pish) a wee while back.

At least I'm not the only old grumpy git around now as the S-man hit the big 40 last week too.I always feel better hanging around with him as he looks at least 20 years older than me too.Hopefully we'll finally get round to going to see "Skyfall" in the next week or two.Looking forward to going to see "The Life of Pi" with my Mum on Tues night as we both loved the book.I'm currently reading "The Hundred Year Old man who climbed out the Window and Disappeared" and it's a great read too, although I think it would be too surreal to make a movie out of it.

I've also discovered ( probably years after everyone else) Freepass Tv and Project Free Tv and have already watched the first couple of episodes of "The Walking Dead".I have the boxset of season 4 of "Breaking Bad" to start soon and now I've found these sites it looks like I won't have to wait unti June for season 5 to be released in the UK.Better call Saul!

At work things are getting a bit better under my new boss.There's been a regrading done and I'm hopeful I'll get a bit more flexibility with my hours.( I'm on a flexi contract but have to work to a schedule 4 days from 5 for "business needs").I've written on here about going to a 4 day week at work and I've already mentioned to my boss that when the latest flex/hours thing gets sorted I'd like to look at doing a nine day fortnight from now on.Working 9 days out of 10 and having a long weekend every two weeks would make work a lot more bearable and the extra 20 or so days off every year would be far easier on my pocket to absorb than cutting my hours by 20% to four days per week.

Quick couple of youtube links before I go.The first one is to one of my favourite films "Life in a Day".It's a snapshot of life around the world on July 24 2010.Some of it's rubbish and some of it's truly amazing.Well worth watching if you've not seen it though.

The other is Rangers fans singing "Derrys Walls" to the tune of Amazing Grace back when Dudley was in his late 50's in 1972( a fine year!).I don't know any German but I think even the commentator was impressed by the atmosphere it created.Hair raising stuff!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Thursday, 17 January, 2013, Blogger dD said...

"nasty gum infection" .. aye, right !

btw if I could remember as far back as '72 I might dispute my age then ....




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