Monday, September 15, 2014

The Online Dating One Outer

Being of a slightly pessimistic nature part of me was holding off writing this as the old adage about if something can go wrong it usually does seems to apply to me quite regularly! But hey stuff it things are going well and I feel like writing about it!

I mentioned a girl in my last post who cancelled a date on me and I said I may get back in touch with her.Well after quite a few months of texting and missed chances we did finally arrange a date last month.Even then it still nearly went wrong.She said she would be in a pub in town and I said I'd text her when I got parked up and the plan was that she would reply and let me know which pub.I did text and twenty five minutes and no reply later I was just about to head home when she text me the pub name and said she hoped it would be ok as her pal was there.Now she had come straight from work and I could kinda understand her being with a pal but I genuinely thought it would a case of meet up,exchange a few pleasantries and most likely never see each other again.

I entered the pub and having looked around and not seeing two girls sitting together I very nearly headed for the exit before my girls pal spoke up and said my date was at the toilet and would be back in a minute.Turns out I knew a couple of folk she knew so we chatted for a couple of minutes before my date turned up.She had looked pretty hot in her online pics but when I saw her for real I was completely blown away.We just clicked right from that moment and talked and kissed as if we'd known each other for years.( her pal left pretty quickly!) Didn't take long to forgive her for keeping me waiting ( her phone was left on silent by mistake) and we've been on a few amazing dates since then.She says we are both "smitten" and that's exactly how it feels.Not felt like this for a very long time so hopefully this is for real!

I did read a quote I liked last week ( author unknown although it did appear on a Banksy fan twitter account) that says "A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there" and although the whole new relationship thing is taking me slightly out of my comfort zone everything feels pretty natural so far.

The other good news is that my 2 week holiday from work starts today.Good time to catch up with friends/family,enjoy some late nights playing poker and of course to see my girl.
Not much to report on the poker front.Still playing too many tables most of the time and probably not paying enough attention either.Too busy watching Orange is the New Black ,Justified and listening to podcasts.

It's amazing what you can discover from podcasts though.I found the Joe Rogan Experience because he interviewed top poker pro Isaac Haxton and after really enjoying that one I downloaded the ones with Louis Theroux ,Jim Jefferies and Doug Stanhope mainly because Rogan has US comedians I've never heard of on his show.I went for one with a guy called Scroobius Pip because the bio said he was British.Described as a UK spoken word poet and hip hop artist he certainly came across as a fascinating interesting guy.Here's the link to the pod.

It was only a couple of weeks after listening to it that I decided to check his music/poetry out properly on youtube and fuck me his stuff is good! I'm quite set in my ways when it comes to new music etc this guys passion and lyrical ability is just brilliant.My favourite line ( discussed in the podcast) so far is "You see a mousetrap,I see free cheese and a fucking challenge".I'll link a couple of tracks from youtube at the foot of this post.

I suppose I'd better mention the independence referendum too before I finish.I'm firmly in the No camp as I don't believe in money trees and SNP fantasy bollocks.I do believe ( despite Cameron and co being a a bunch of knobs) that Scotland is better off in the Union and hope my fellow Scots feel the same way when it comes to the vote this Thursday.The sooner it's over the better though as some of the stuff being spouted on both side at the moment is truly embarrassing.If you don't agree with someone voting the opposite way you're now an idiot retard or even a racist! Thankfully my friends are a reasonably sensible bunch if we disagree on the vote it's not going affect our friendship.That's the way it should be!

Ok thanks for reading and enjoy the Scroobius Pip vids....

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At Monday, 10 November, 2014, Blogger Juice said...

Good on you Acorn! Couldnt happen to a better man! hope it is still going well.

At Saturday, 15 November, 2014, Blogger Juice said...

not a bad goal by maloney eh Acorn!

At Thursday, 27 November, 2014, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Juice! Hope all good with you and the legend that is Mr Edge mate.
Aye and it was a peach of a goal from the wee rat bastard!


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