Friday, June 24, 2005

Gaun yersel Maw!

Came up the road from work,had my pizza and settled down to play in a couple of tourneys.Pokerrooms $5k freeroll ( regulars got a ticket due to their site problems a month or so back) and pokerstars metro Wsop freeroll sat.No great showing in either.338th from 2400 in the PR tourney but I was never really in the hunt.

I may have mentioned before that I taught my Mum the basics of the game a couple of months ago and she's been playing with play money most days and enjoying it.Well she played the pokerstars tourney tonight and came an amazing 49th from 773 and was unlucky to go out.She doesn't seem very keen on a live game but one day I'm gonna take her to Vegas. lol.

Still missing the rest of the acorns who are still sunning it up in Cyprus.Mrs A called tonight and they're having a great time,weather hot and the wee one luvin' it.Definitely too quiet round here!

Well thats about to change because the sound of chips hittin' the table is about to permeate my brain once more.


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