Saturday, July 30, 2005

No Limits

Played for 5 hrs 16 minutes last night for a $64 profit but it was one helluva night at the tables.I love No limit holdem.What a game.Not many other games can put you through such a rollcoaster of emotion (when my icy demeanor allows of course ).

Started at .25nl and took $5 with the Hammer when my 72soooted made a flush on the river."Best damn hand in poker"prompted a bitter response which was

Lost a buy in ( $25) when all in with QQ v KK and AK.

Moved up to $1nl and played a hand that took poker strategy to a whole new level.Sadly that level was lower than a snakes belly and it doesn't make for pleasant reading....Dealt Ah Jc.I limp in and call a $4 raise with one other caller.

Flop is Jd 8s 5d and the other caller bets $5.I raise to $10 for information and feeling I could be ahead.The preflop raiser folds.

The OC reraises me $10 and I take another sip of my cola.Its obvious he has an overpair or has made trips.The fact he didn't reraise though preflop zips through my mind and then it happens.I look through my pc into his soul and its suddenly clear.He's on a flush draw and is semi bluffing.

The turn is the 8d and he bets out $12.

Another sip of cola and I call. I have no idea why I did that or why when he bet $15 after a 10s on the river I reraised him all in for $59 more.Felt like a bold move at the time....Damn that "Do it like Devilfish" show I watched...

My only logic was that I was trying to represent the flush or trip 8's myself and hoping to force him to fold.He asked "made the flush?",waited till the clock ran down.....and called with QQ and my cash slid over the virtual felt to him in an flash."Nice call sir" I certainly didn't say as I left the table faster than the Roadrunner.Beeeep Beeeeeeep.....

Lost $40 to quad 7's at the next table but I was ahead when I put my money in with QQ ( v 77) so I didn't feel too bad.Well maybe a tiny bit.

Down another $23 when I got rivered again. Exited all tables and had a long hard think about my game.Variance is a bitch and I reckoned that apart from my AJ nightmare I'd actually played as well as I could.My bankroll was sitting at $794 from $1004.Not good.

Took a deep breath,double checked myself for any signs of tilt and started at a new $1 table.

Off to a good start winning $24 with AQ v KQ with a Q on the board.$18 more when I made a full house with KJ.

Dealt AKs for the 62nd time in 27k hands and made it pay when I made a pair of Kings v Queens.$20 this time.

By now I knew my game was good and opened a $2 nl table aswell and bought in for the max $200.

4th hand in I'm dealt KK and call a $10 raise from late position.

Flop comes 7h 9s 9c and the raiser checks to me.I bet $15 which he calls.

Turn is Qd and this time he check raises me to $70 when I bet $35. No going back now.I reraise for another $70 which he calls.

River is a 10d and he checks.

I thought I probably I was still ahead but after the night I'd had I expected him to have KJ and not AQ as I'd suspected so I checked too and took down a $260 pot when he showed Q10 and my 2 pairs were good.

That win helped my confidence and I ended up sitting at the table as the big stack with $440.I still had $130 at the $1 I was also playing and while I know having half your bankroll at the tables isn't good money management it certainly gets the heart pumping.

Nothing too scary either at $2nl.Obviously I have nowhere near the bankroll required( a reoccuring theme I'm noticing in this blog) but the standard seems fairly similar to $1nl.I look forward to playing there again in the not too distant future.Give me a couple of hours.....

Bankroll at $1069.Went to bed buzzing at 3.15am.Didn't sleep for a while running over hands in my head.

The new football season started today.Rangers unfurl the League Championship Flag tomorrow at Ibrox and I'm looking forward to that. celt*c were back at Motherwell where they threw away their chance to win the league on the last day of the season with 2 mins to go.It was on tv and they led 3-1 at halftime before 'Well made it 3-2 and Scot McDonald equalised.It finished 4-4. Two dropped points on the first day and Strachans team lose 9 goals in 2 games.
I'm luvin' it.

My sis is still recovering well from her op.She's just bought a new house in a lovely village not far from me with her fiancee.They get married next May and its going to be some occasion.
She deserves happiness after what shes been through.

My old folks are over in Paris for a long weekend. A gift from friends of theirs for their 60th's which are both in December.

Just qualified for Pokerrooms PLayer points tourney at 6pm.Basically a $6 freeroll for frequent players and I'm frequently frequent.

Off out to walk Nacho and get some fresh air.Step A is away at numpties for the weekend and Mrs A is reading the new Carl Hiaasen trilogy book I bought her.Having a nice chilled out weekend.
Apart from going to war at the tables and roaring on my team tomorrow that is....


At Sunday, 31 July, 2005, Blogger Andersun said...

Sounds like you had a pretty crazy night. Glad to hear you made most of it back!

At Sunday, 31 July, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Acon, you do realise that 72s is not the hammer. the magic doesnt work with 72s. thats called a prom night

At Sunday, 31 July, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Making it back was good.Last night not so

Hey Juice the magics not working with AK so what hope does 72 have?lol


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