Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Year to date progress

Spent most of last night studying instead of playing.Sounds very intellectual but just meant reading a load of poker forums and delving into my Pokertracker to try and learn more about my game.( whilst listening to Rangers bt St Mirren 1-0 in the last pre-season friendly)

I checked out the villan from the "got my number" post to see if I could get any clues about the hands he beat me in.Got stats for 162 hands on him and he raised 3 times pf and is a tight passive player.If thats the case then I'm now fairly sure he had the flush when he bet out $40 on
the river.He probably thought I would call after I called his full house with my trip Aces.

I've got 10000 hands at 5 max so stats such as vp$IP are probably a bit high but here is a breakdown of my play since January when I bought Pokertracker and started the long learning process.Almost all single table play but the stats will include some 2 tabling at .25nl.

Month/ Hours/ Hands/ Net profit or loss

Jan 30 2134 + $199

Feb 77 5147 - $265

Mar 40 3180 + $81

Apr 61 6014 -$74

May 54 3904 + $249

June 73 4518 +$224

July 38 2489 +$291

Total 373 27,386 + $705

Monthly ave = 53 hours BB/hr = 3.13 BB/100 = 4.27 vp$ip 38.46% Went to showdown = 24% Pf raise 6.5%

$1800 paid in rake. Total hands = 27,386

Its blatantly obvious that learning proper emotional control is a major key to developing my game.Februarys -$265 came from a nasty experience at $5-$10 nl whilst on tilt and I can see other instances where the red mist has descended.

I'd love to give some stunning insights into my game but I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to making the most of my Pokertracker stats.I'll read more of the Pokertracker forum and I'm sure I've heard somewhere of an analysis guide that may help.

I 'll cover my tourney stats in another post.Pokerrooms session browser gives me details of every tourney I've played so please remain on the edge of your seats for that.....

Meanwhile I played 1/2 hour of $1nl and left the table a whopping $2 up.Joined a .50nl 5 max table and lost $20 in 15 mins when my A high lost to a rivered Q.Frustrating because I knew he had nothing before the river and my A was good.It was strange adjusting to 5 max where aggression rules and if theres 3 players in and its checked to you it should be a criminal offence not to bet.

Mrs A working again tonight and Mark is coming up for his weekly visit.Hopefully I'll get some poker in aswell but the only flop tonight may be me on the trampoline......


At Wednesday, 27 July, 2005, Blogger WillWonka said...

Another really good resource on analyzing PT stats is Their forum has a separate section for PT and other similar software.
Also, if you are not using PokerAce HUD, you might want to give that a try (or gametime)... both are free.

At Wednesday, 27 July, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Try for a guide developed by a couple of very good bloggers. I haven't got it yet, but have heard very good things about it.


At Wednesday, 27 July, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks for the advice.I'll check out the forums etc.
Little Acornman


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