Monday, July 18, 2005

Saved by the ring

Played a couple of $10 sng's to start my night.I should have paid more attention to Sirfwalgman's advice on playing for 3rd then opening out your game.I still feel I was a little unlucky though when my 77 ran into 88 and I went out on the bubble.Jumped straight into another one and was determined to play a tight game early.2nd hand I get the magic Rockets.I raise $250 ( $1500 starting chips) and entice Mr JJ to go all in which I call instantly.J on the flop and out I go.

Moved to the ring games and started at .25nl hunting down shorthanded 10 seat tables with high flop seen/big pots.Made $20 there and had fun before moving up to .50nl where I more than doubled my buy in from $50 to $115.It was going well until one guy started out playing me and my stack shrunk to $80.The final straw was when I held 77 and when a flop of 3 3 6 rainbow was checked to me I bet $2.50 and he checkraised me to $5.I though he was stealing or had the 6 so I reraised him back to see where I was and he went all in for another $107.He was in the sb and could have had the 3 so I folded.He'd been running over the table and I decided that ego has no place in poker and left for a new table.Look for weak opponents not strong ones.

Moved to $1 nl and finished the night $43 up in the ring games and $20 down for my two failed sng attempts.Bankroll now sits at $1352 after my 15th winning session in a row.The last few have been close though and were losing sessions until fairly late on in them.Its a nice stat but the main thing is to play each hand in the right way and hopefully if I can do that more often than not I'll continue to play more winning than losing sessions.

Its a bank holiday weekend in Glasgow so I'm only working 5 hours tomorrow ( double time n half) and its a 12pm start so time to go read some blogs and play some Holdem...


At Monday, 18 July, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I think you were definately right about leaving that table where you thought someone had the 3. Pride is a very dangerous thing in poker. I hate someone bullying me off the pot but short of calling someone to the river or going all in you will never find out if they were making a pure bluff aor a semi bluff with a draw or even had the nuts. Do you find you have looser hand selection when you play short handed?

At Monday, 18 July, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for the comment Juice.
Yes I do play a wider selection of hands shorthanded especially in position.Its almost a totally different game.Much more aggression and bluffing at the pot.He who bets first usually wins.With the blinds coming round so quickly waiting for a big hand all the time isn't an option.A or K high winning a pot is common.
Table selection is key again.I like passive shorthanded tables.High flop seen/low ave pot.
Bigger swings too though so be careful out there :-)

At Monday, 18 July, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I know what you mean about bluffing and betting big, but problem is if a really agressive player in a short handed game bets big pre flop bets big post flop and your not hitting anything on the flop or the getting particularly good starting hands its very difficut to knock them off the pot short of an all in pure bluff! very scary. I dont like nL!!

At Monday, 18 July, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thats why table selection is key.High flop seen/low ave pot means your less likely to be in against that type of player but to be honest I choose those game types so I can go in and be the aggressor most of the time.

If I choose low flop seen/big ave pots then I'm guessing theres already at least one LAG ( Loose Aggressive) there and I'll only play if I'm feeling patient enough to wait for a decent hand.

If its a total maniac you're up against the swings will be greater and you'll need to call more raises preflop but when you hit you win big by letting him do the betting.

Nothing better than a maniac trying to knock you off your nut hand.
Thats why I love


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