Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hot night

I was expecting to be posting about a small losing session.I was playing well enough but my $100 buy-in at £1nl was down to $79 and I was pretty card dead.I had been down to $62 after getting my AA cracked.At least I'm fairly sure it was cracked because I folded when the guy who had been calling my pot sized bets raised me all in on the river with 4 clubs on board.( I had red Aces).

Maybe its only because I've been running well recently but even as the flop was about to come instead of convincing myself that this pot belonged to me I concentrated on trying to spot any dangers ( 2d9c10c) and on thinking about what my opponent had when he called my flop and turn bet.This is NL and anyone reading this will be aware of my "bet big or go home" play so he must have been calling with some kind of draw. Maybe I shouldn't have checked on the river ( obvious weakness) but I wasn't throwing any more money at it.

So I'm at $79 and get 33 in mid position and UTG raises to $4.He's a regular and I have him marked as "solid".This was called by UTG + 2 before I called.
My plan is to hit my set or get out and I got lucky when the flop came jc 6c 3d.UTG raised to $10 and was called by UTG +2.
Now I'd been bitten the night before when I slow played A10 when I hit 2 pair on the flop and allowed someone to hit their straight so I decided that if UTG had a big PP then UTG + 2 either had a similar hand or a flush draw so I decided to take down the pot with my $35 re-raise.

UTG raised back and UTG +2 pushed all in and I quickly followed.Picked up a nice pot when the turn and river were blanks and my trips beat UTG's QQ and UTG +2's AA. If UTG +2 had reraised as he should have then I wouldn't have been in the pot.

Got on a bit of a rush and used the respect my bets were getting to steal a few more pots.
My style at $1 nl seems to be changing.I'm playing a lot less hands than I did at other levels.My flop seen is probably nearer 25% than my usual 40%.I feel like a bit of a rock but its working so far.Not very exciting just sitting around waiting for premium hands to play or for playable hands from good position to play but I'm enjoying watching my roll grow.

I also only play one table at a time at $1nl and although the pace can seem slow I can really take advantage of the ABC multi-tablers and get a much better idea of who the loose gooses are and I'm able to tailor my bets more depending on who I'm up against.A good example was my $12 raise with KK the other day.I would never have done that if I hadn't been fairly sure tiltboy would call.( which he did).

The bankroll stands at $1229.

Off out tonight to celebrate my sisters 30th.She's still recovering from her op but is doing well.

My anger over the London bombings has subsided a little since the other day and now I just feel real sadness for the victims and their families.There are police raids going on today in England and I just hope they catch the scum behind the outrage.

Still working on my "50" list.More tomorrow...


At Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, Blogger TripJax said...

I love it when small pairs turn to trips when some jackhole lets you in cheap. And how bout when they bitch at you for cracking their big pair when they were the ones that let you in cheap in the first place. Love it.

I've linked you up today. Keep up the good work and may the felt be with you.

At Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hey thanks Tripjax.Linked you back.
I didn't see any bitching after that hand but I was dancing round the room at the time....


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