Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bad Starts and reading multi-tablers

Played Project sno-blind last night till midnight when Mark went home.Only played a couple of table orbits and made a whopping $1 profit.

Just opened an email telling me I've won £1.4m in a lucky draw.Lucky old me eh.I had to send an email to to start the claims process.I replied saying this was great and I look forward to getting the cheque.I'm going to send one tomorrow telling him how I've quit my job and have put a offer in on a very large house.I hate these scammers.Please spam the email addy as much as you can.

Ok no sample today.Phoned them and it needs to be in for 3.30pm and I don't finish work till after 4 so I'll do it one morning as I can start any time up till 10am.No more updates I promise.

Now to the post title.I mentioned a few postings ago that I seem to have a problem starting games in the right frame of mind.Here are some possible reasons why:

Calling/raising in marginal situations to see how people react
Playing too many good-but-not-great hands which you end up having to fold
Playing low suited connectors etc. before you've got enough reads on your opponents to be confident with them
Folding more than you would do normally because of uncertainty as to how the table is playing
Limping in with your first blind, getting second pair and ending up $5 down cos you didn't just quit when you should have.

I think playing only AA,KK and QQ for my first 1/2 hour or so may be the best solution and it would give me time to settle in to the flow of the game.Recognising a leak is one thing.Sorting it is another so I'll see how I go.

Something I've started to do now when I sit at a full ring table is check for multi-tablers and take note of them.I noticed when I used to MT myself that I'd play ABC poker and very rarely bluffed.Afterall when you play 2 0r 3 tables a playable hand is just round the corner.Usually mt players are very tight but when they bet they have the goods.Sometimes a bigger than normal bluff on the turn/river will get them to fold more easily than another player and if you can even open up the other tables they are at you can see when they're playing 2/3 hands at once and use the edge gained from that to win more money.

Ok off for my last night of low stakes nl.With my £1.4 million I may just move up a bit.....


At Tuesday, 05 July, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Hey L.A.M.,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the vote of confidence.

Keep kicking that ass.



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