Sunday, July 03, 2005

Pink Floyd Reunited.Pigs have flown.Live 8

What a moment.I never ever thought I would see Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour share a stage but they did last night as the last act at London Live 8 and they stole the show with an amazing performance.Hell I even left my cash game to watch it!
Breathe,Money,Wish you were here and Comfortably Numb were all superb and I had tears in my eyes watching it they were that good.( and I only cry at really emotional stuff like ET going home).Probably too much to hope for a tour but you never know.

Ok to the poker and made 83rd in the Pokerroom Major player points tourney for $15.I had been the big stack on 11k chips at my table after I bluffed at a pot with AJ ( low rainbow flop) and was called by an idiot with K9 and my A high stood up.I had avoided as many coinflips this time though and went out on a brainflip when I moved about 1/3rd of my stack in with 99 when it folded round to me in the SB.When the big stack in the BB raised me all in I was confident I was ahead as he'd been doing a lot of stealing.I could have placed higher for another few $$$ by folding but I decided if I wanted to have a chance to win it was as good a time as any to call so I did and it wasn't. He had KK and I never hit my 9.

Hit the $1 nl tables next and came away $88.75 up over 123 hands.Bought in for $70.
Bankroll now stands at $877.

KhKc was my biggest and most profitable hand.I raised to $3 and was reraised to $5 by the villan who held QhQs.This was called by another player so I reraised it to $20 and when the villan called that rather than reraise me all in I was sure I was ahead and not facing AA.Thats why I was all in on the flop for $30.50 more when it came 2h 5h 8h. Kd on the turn and another 8 on the river meant the chips were pushed my way.

Only bought in for $70 and I've mixed feelings about that.I always like to be in a position to make the most possible from a hand but I have to accept that while I'm playing solid poker just now I don't have a bankroll that would stand a bad patch at $1nl.Pokerooms session browser calls it $2nl.Not sure why though when sb is .50 and bb is $1.

Its hard to step back down and play well though.When you win $5 at .25nl with AA you can't help thinking about how it would have been $50 at $1nl.

I'm sure a bad downswing will soon have me slabbering for any $5 win I can get soon enough but for now its nice to be playing at tables where people are asking if I'll be playing in the same $50 rebuy tourneys as them while I'm still thinking about the best ways to beat $5 sng's!

Had a long lie and took the dog to the park for a run about.Still debating where to go on holiday and when.I'm quite keen to go back to Egypt to the same hotel as last year but Gran Canaria is a good option to have.( been 5 times)

Its funny how almost anything can relate to poker.Reading the above paragraph made me remember something I've only really appreciated about myself over the last couple of years.I mention it because they say that to be a good poker player you must know yourself first.I used to think I was quite an impulsive guy.The kind who takes chances and gets bored when there's no change or freshness in my life.

Maybe I'm mellowing in my ( very early lol) thirties but I'm actually the kind of person who likes the same routine and going to the same places on holiday.I like moaning about work but haven't considered looking elsewhere.( well the moneys ok). I listen to mostly the same music I did 10 years ago and when I find a book by an author I like I stick to their books till I''ve read them.On holidays I split the 2 weeks money in to daily spending amounts and never go over budget.I keep everything and throw out nothing.

Is there a point here? I'm not sure but I think what I'm trying to say is that its not a good idea to try and adopt an alien poker style your personality type and that knowing your own personality may not be as easy as it seems.

Ok enough of that bollocks! Time for some poker....


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