Monday, July 11, 2005

short post

Finished the player points tourney in 340th place but it was a fairly half-hearted effort because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it.Mark came and picked us up about 9 ish and mentioned he had a trampoline on the way over to his place.Had a few beers n smokes with him and his Missus and then hit the trampoline.Its 13ft across and I reckon my legs are gonna be hurtin' tomorrow! Had a great night and got a taxi back about 3.30.

Mrs A went to bed and I hit the play money tables for the first time in months.Still got $1.8m in play chips and as I don't drink too often I wasn't going blow any real money.Had a good laugh with some of the fish but despite being determined to throw my play chips about like an idiot I still came out 30,000 play chips up.

Been outside in the sunshine for most of today reading Carl Hiaasens' "Skinny Dip" about a guy who tips his wife over the side of a cruise ship.Mrs A's read it too

Dog walked,dinner on and gonna hit the tables...


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