Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bankroll Update

Currently sitting at $1068 which is a record high.Played for 55 mins on Thursday night for $5.95 profit at $.50nl.My games are never boring though and I lost $43.80 at one table and won $49.75 at another.

Made $28.60 over 167 hands at $1nl last night.Lost $40 at one table when my I was beaten by my fav hand 23 o/s. I had 62o/s in the BB and with no raises the flop came 2 2 10 rainbow.I only called a $2 flop bet and a $4 turn bet.Then as first to act I raised $20 on the river after a 3s fell only to lose to the boat.A quick "nh" and I was gone.I think the main reason I don't curse and swear at beats like that is because I don't want my opponents to think they've broken my spirit aswell as take my money.Am I really thinking "nh"? No chance.

As I mentioned before though I tend to tilt more when I feel I've played a hand badly and while I could have reraised before the river I didn't put him on a 2 so I left the tables and chilled out for 10 mins before coming back to win $70 at another table and ironically most of it came from a guy on tilt big time.Got pissed off with the idiot writing "reload reload reload" in the chat box though as that scared him off eventually.

I got him when I raised my KK to $12 pf.I knew he would call and when flop came 2h 3d 4h I bet out $25 and when he called I thought he had the A and was hoping he didn't have a 5 with it.9c on the turn and I went all in for $47 more and he raised all in for $67 which was crazy because after a 2d on the river he showed 6d Jc!!

Also played 2 $10 sng's.Bombed out in 9th in the first but won the second.Its nice seeing "Zagga finished in first place and wins $50" on the screen.I'll maybe try more $10 sngs.

Qualified today for Pokerrooms major player points tourney.Off to pick the wee ones bike up from the repair shop first and can't play for too long tonight as Mrs A and I are off to Mark n Laura's for a night of drinkin' and smokin'.

Ok the bike shop awaits...


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