Wednesday, July 13, 2005

50 Acornman facts

1) I'll be 33 next month.
2) I really am a Little acornman at 5ft 6".
3) Been with Mrs A since a Millenium party and I moved into her place in March last year.
4) She's very understanding about my poker.( she gets the tv remote)
5) I play in a cupboard under the stairs.
6) I have an Ace of Spades signed by Amarillo Slim which sits beside my pc for luck.
7) I may have to change my name to Janice as thats who the "good luck" message on my Ace of spades is made out to.My dad got it from a friend after being assured I wasn't going to sell it on Ebay.
7) I drive an Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 v6 which costs a fortune to run but I don't care.
8) I once answered "Coconuts" when asked "Where do raisins come from?" in a school quiz when I was twelve....( time was running out and I thought any answer was better than none!)
9) My dogs called Nacho after Rangers striker Nacho Novo who came to Rangers and scored 24 goals last season after turning our rivals down.
10) Theres only 2 teams in Glasgow.Rangers and Rangers reserves and I've loved them since I was very young and have season ticket ( along with 43,000 others) .I hate our rivals passionately and even buy my toilet paper in their colours.
11) My addictions are poker,weed,football and my family.( though not in that order!)
12)I've lived in East Kilbride just outside Glasgow for 10 years.
13) I'm not superstitious but I do always hit the board overhead when I leave the football after the Gers have won!
14) I'm trying to avoid too many exclamation marks in this blog!!!
15) I don't drink very often but Budweiser is my favourite beer.
16) I love Galaxy chocolate muffins and like my steak "medium"
17) I can wiggle my ears and flare my nostrils.
18) I love playing pool,snooker and darts.
19) I had a 100c ( hairdryer) motorbike 10 years ago which I loved but car is much safer.
20) The first blog I read was and the second was Totally different characters and blogs but both are great reads.Now also reading and All well worth a visit.
21) I have been running up and down 4 flights of stairs several times a day at work to try and make up for the fact that at work and home I spend a lot of time sat on my ass.( exclamation mark resisted).
22) Like Garyc I can juggle but Mrs A usually hides the fruitbowl and when we're at the supermarket she usually just hides in case I start at the fruit n veg section.
23) Despite working with one and playing poker on one I'm not very good with computers.Took me until this week to get links to work in my blog and I feel like a programming expert after doing it.
24) My most embarrassing moment happened when I lived myself.This big moth had been really annoying me so I finally decided my flat wasn't big enough for both of us and it had to be terminated. My own "Hasta La Vista Baby" moment came as I picked up a cooking pot from the top of my microwave and as I swung it violently over my head ( like a tennis serve) ready to bash lumps out of Mr Moth the cooking oil that Mrs A had filled it with came out all over my head and Linoleum floor causing me to lose my footing.I spent an uncomfortable time trying to wipe oil out of my eyes whilst trying to get a grip on the worksurface.All while the moth laughed and smirked from close by.
25) My fav films are the Terminator series,Shawshank,The Wall and Goodfellas.
26) I have a cup of tea every morning and drink pints of water when I play poker.
27) I'm a bad timekeeper and usually run late.
28) I'm more of a nighthawk than a morning person.I would sleep till noon very day if I could.
29) I'm not going bald at the back and I'm not in denial about it
30) My haircuts seem to be taking less time these days but I reckon my barber has just upped his game.( maybe he read The Theory of Haircutting).
31) I'm not much of a cook but I make a great plate of mince and tatties.( potatoes).
32) I've always been a salesman until a couple of years ago.I don't mind dealing with complaints but holidays are welcome because it does get to be a bit of a grind hearing people shout and yell all day.
33) Musically I like everything from Pink Floyd to Dwight Yokham to Eminem to Beethoven.
34) I hate drivers who don't use indicators and "Baby on Board" signs.
35) I find most Modern Art laughable but I do like Salvador Dali's stuff and visited his museum when I was in Florida a few years back
36) I detest corporate bullshit like "we've ticked all the boxes","lets hit the gound running" etc.
37) I've taken ecstasy,acid and speed in the past and enjoyed them all.Only smoke weed these days though.Maybe I'll grow out of that one day
38) I've been a volunteer for a local befriending project for 7 years and love it.Its only a once week commitment to take out a kid with learning/behavioural problems and its been very rewarding.Finished with the last kid a couple of months back and I'm taking a break for the summer.
39) I love all Christopher Brookmyres' books and I'm just finishing Carl Hiaasens' brilliant book "Skinny Dip" at the moment.I like all the Tony Parsons and Nick Hornby stuff too.
40) I left home at 17.
41) I have a babyface and could probaby still get a half fare on the trains if I tried.
42) I loved Bill Hicks and Billy Connollys early stuff.Roy "chubby" Brown is great and been to see Scottish comedian Jerry Sadowitz a few times.I heard Jerry was knocked unconscious at the Montreal Comedy festival when he opened with "Hello Moose f*ckers".If you like your comedy to be pc then he's not for you.Brilliant magician too.
43) Mrs A makes the best sandwiches in the world and I get 'em for lunch everyday.
44) Southpark not the Simpsons.Soprano's not Friends. The UK version of The Office.There's only one Ricky Gervais.Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Blackadder,The Fast Show and Little Britain also twing my twang.
45) I don't eat at Mcdonalds or Burger King very often after reading "Fast Food Nation".I say "very often" because its not one of my most ridgidly adhered to principles...
46) I've only played live poker once and I can barely follow the blinds let alone look for tells or do chip tricks.I don't think anyone noticed my mouse finger clicking away when I wanted to raise.
47) I was in love with Madonna in my younger days and out of two,I'd still give her one.
48) I'm not religious.I have strong views on some individual issues but no leanings towards any party.
49) I love travelling and spending long lazy days on the beach with Mrs A( And wee Step A if she's with us).
50) Rangers won a world record 50th league title ( 51 and counting now) in May 03.

Phew.12.15am and I've not played any poker.arghhhhhh. Rangers are playing Dynamo Zagreb in Canada in a pre-season friendly in 15 mins.Its on RangersTV so I'm gonna have a late start tomorrow.I wonder if Jerry Sadowitz will be comentating...


At Wednesday, 13 July, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Nice job, L.A.M.

Who wasn't in love with MaDonna 25 years ago?



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