Friday, July 15, 2005

Pokerroom or Party?

Played in the tourney and finished 141st from 591.Going to have another go tonight as it was incredibly fishy.I pushed with 1010 and was called by K2 o/s ( hit his K) and on the last hand I pushed with AK and was called by the same big stacked player with 95( suited tho..).Of course he hit a 5 and knocked me out.Not complaining although I was tempted to say "good luck fishboy" on the way out.Again though that would only put a smile on the his fishy face so I resisted.I know if I suck out and get abuse I just say lol or "I had great implied odds" even if I didn't just to try and tilt them a bit.

Played a $10 sng back at Pokerroom after that and came 3rd for £10 net profit..I've not played a lot of $10 tourneys.Almost all $5 ones and I was amazed that 3 players went all in on the first hand after the flop until they all showed down sets at showdown.Saw 2 players with AA in the next hand go all in preflop and end up splitting a pot which is highly unusual too.I played fairly well but went out with a really fishy move when it was 3 handed and I decided my A6 o/s was worth a raise pf and worth betting when I hit bottom pair.The fishy part was not folding right there and then to a reraise and my excuse at the time of being pot commited was simply weak.

Came 2nd for a $2 net profit in a $5 5max turbo sng.I was unlucky in this one and finally lost heads up when my KJ lost to the villans J7 when the flop came rainbow 7 7 5.I lost 4 hands where I was the big favourite but it happens and I hope I come across Mr J7 again and the odds hold up this time.

Hit the $1 nl tables after that.Called from the SB on my second hand with 67 o/s and took down my first pot when the flop came Q 6 6 Rainbow.Great to make a good start for a change.

Now I joked about telling other players I had "implied odds" when I suck out but it got me thinking last night.Implied odds seem to me to be an excuse to make a loose call sometimes.I had an open-ended straight draw and the pot had $15 after a $6 raise.So its $6 to call and I reckon I was probably up against top pair at least.Folded round to me and I've got a 17% chance of making it on turn and 31.5% chance if I see the turn and river but using standard pot odds I'm not getting the right odds.I also considered that if he did only have top pair and I made my straight then he would probably realise what I was drawing to and fold to any decent bet of mine anyway.If he had trips and I missed on the turn I thought he would surely not give me any odds to draw to my straight on the river and of course the board could pair beating me too.
I folded and I think it was the right move but it was hard to resist the wee voice in my head telling me that it was worth calling as the pot size after the river bets would justify it.Maybe its the case that implied odds don't work aswell with only 2 players left in the pot.If there had been 3 0r 4 then I may well have chased it but that would have depended more on my position and general read on the others.

Maybe its just because I tend to make my money by getting other players to chase with no odds when I have a made hand.I sometimes give them the odds after the flop and then if no scare cards hit I raise it right up to take the pot on the turn hoping to either take it down or get a loose call from a chaser or someone who thinks I'm bluffing.

I'm a creature of habit and routine and I've always played at pokerroom.I like the interface,the note taking,the session browser and I have notes on quite a few players.Is there anyone out there who has played on Party and Pokerroom and could tell me if the competition is really much fishier at Party? Are there tables where over 40% are seeing the flop 10 handed at$1 nl? I keep reading what a fishfest Party is and I wonder if I'm missing out by not playing there.

Finally a wee quote I liked from the Glasgow Herald diary column:

FOR seven years, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have been US baseball's most consistently unsuccessful team. Their general manager, Chuck LaMar, remains an inspiration to all under-achieving sports organisations, however.
For as Chuck recently put it: "The only thing that keeps this organisation from being recognised as one of the finest in baseball is wins and losses at the major league level."

And if my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle......


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