Friday, July 15, 2005

$100 up and no poker played

My sisters birthday dinner was postponed because she wasn't feeling too good.She's feeling better now but I think the enormity of the 5 weeks from her cancer diagnosis to getting the all clear is just hitting home.
Spent most of the evening with Mrs A watching tv and the rest doing my "50" list.

I work in the centre of Glasgow and most lunchtimes me and a couple of boys go for a walk round the town.Passing the 4 star Raddison hotel I spotted a dropped clear plastic wallet and picked it up thinking it might be someones bus pass.It had a couple of bus tickets but no name and tucked in at back was a $100 note.Strange that I play for Dollars every night and then find a $100 note.Its worth about £56.Its going towards the 13ft trampoline I just ordered for Step A's birthday in August.

Last night after work I met my Dad at 6pm at the BBC studios.I love old pictures of Glasgow and East Kilbride.I've got a few pics of old Glasgow ( "Auld Glesga" to the locals) from 1901 up on the lounge wall.Anyway in 1925 some guy called Claude travelled from London to Glasgow ( 400 miles) and filmed his journey in colour and they were showing the footage last night for the first time since it was discovered.
It was amazing to see George Square ( in colour from 80 years ago.There was also film of families in the park and it was weird thinking that even most of the babies in the film have probably died by now.

Got home about 8.30 and Mark came up for another night of gaming about 9ish.I'm still tired from staying up to watch the Gers lose 1-0 in their friendly the other night.First pre-season game of the season and more about getting match fit than the result.Bed for 2.30am though.

Apologies for the lack of poker content.Back at the tables tonight.There's a freeroll promo being run by a newspaper to qualify for the UK Open (£1m prize money) on at 8pm so I'm going to give that a go.Trying to get my Mum to sign up too.

My only poker strategy thought for today is the thought that my pokerblog is actually helping my game.I've learned a lot from other blogs and forums but I think just knowing that I'm going to commit my results to this page for anyone to read helps me play my best game.Its not going to prevent downswings and bad luck and I can't promise it'll banish all tilting from my game but it seems to be helping so far.
Maybe thats easy to say after 10 winning sessions in a row and when I'm $100 up on a day when I haven't even played any poker.I guess time will tell on that one.

Right I've got important stuff to attend to now.I'm at Feb11th in blog.....


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