Monday, August 29, 2005

Mr Mean

$37 up at Pokerroom and $30 down at Interpoker last night for an hours play.Nothing special at either site to report.
Read another thought provoking piece by about what a tightass he is in general and I have to be honest and say I'm sure I fit into the same category.Sorry if its not PC and no offence to anyone but my friends called me Yasser when I was younger as they reckoned I was a stingy Arab.( met a few in Egypt and they were very kind and generous). My friends reckon I wouldn't give up the steam off my own piss without charging for it!

Hell when I lived the single life I complained to the local supermarket cafe that their "buy one meal,get one free" offer was unfair and asked if I could either take the other meal home or come back for it the next night!
Yes typical Scotsman I'm sure I can hear a few folk say!

Unfortunately I'm sure I read that the best poker players are carefree with their money and that's partly what allows them to be so good.I like being careful with my money though.I think when playing cash games while nobody wants to play scared being a bit conservative is no bad thing. I have AK and face a raise and a reraise.Now while going all in with AK preflop isn't always bad as it allows the full board to hit you I would mostly fold.Too tight to risk it. A pp and its a coin flip and obviously behind to AA or KK.Theres no hurry.I'll just wait for a better spot.

Being so frugal ( ok damn stingy) does mean its hard for me to stop thinking about my bankroll whilst playing.I'm trying to be less conscious of it and simply play each hand correctly but its a constant struggle. I notice most other poker bloggers don't keep banging on about their bankroll and exactly how much they won or lost that day and I even mentioned I would be cutting down on that info myself.Didn't do it though. I think I post like that more for my own records and to help me stay disciplined but I will try again to cut back on it and keep the focus on playing well.

Last night for example the $30 loss at Interpoker was not through bad plays which meant I actually felt good about my session there.Just never hit a flop and the old story about nothing much holding up.

Ok this was going to be a post about why I find tourneys exciting and ring games a grind but that'll have to wait.I've written enough nonsense for one day!

Finally a couple of wee snippets from the Herald diary :

Opportunist of the week was the chap in Glasgow west end pub Bloody Mary's at the weekend wearing a T-shirt with the legend: "If you don't sleep with me tonight, the terrorists will have won."

THREE burly chaps in Highland dress carrying cardboard boxes were beside reader Raymond Hainey on a flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick on Tuesday who were evidently going to London for the service commemorating the anniversary of the execution of Sir William Wallace.On arrival at Gatwick a security official cheerily asked them if they were going to a wedding."No, hen, we're going to a funeral. These are wreaths," replied one of the kilted lads.Her face turned red with embarrassment – to be replaced by bemusement when he added: "It's all right – he's been dead 700 years. We're over it now"


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