Friday, August 26, 2005

I AM a genius!

No doubt about it.Afterall I won $50 in 1 hour 15 at .25nl on Pokerroom tripling my buy in.Do I get a braclet?

Seriously though I read some decent strategy posts yesterday and went into the game with the right attitude.I saw 22 % of flops and concentrated on correct decisions not how my stack looked at the time.

However I can relate to excellent post yesterday as I felt more like I simply caught my cards than I did anything particularly well.Sometimes I feel poker is just a battle of the monster hands and you've just got to hope your monster has the sharper teeth.

Consider I get 22, hit my set on a Kd 10c 2d flop and get all in before the turn with a villan who had K 10.

I also get all in post flop with set of nines v eights.

Later my AK on the button wins v UTG's AQ for another nice pot.

I won all these hands but so would any monkey that played them.I suppose the skill if any was in making the most on each hand.I actually checked by mistake on the first hand ( I had another window open and was trying to close it)and luckily the villan started the betting so not much skill there.

The hard part is staying as patient when your 22 doesn't hit a set when its the first hand you've played in 20mins or your AK loses to someone who called your raise with rags and hits two pair.

At .25nl its also easy to become involved in the play.Most of the shortstacks haven't bought in for $5 -$10 just to fold,fold,fold.Got to stick to your gameplan.

I also agree with 25Garyc's comment on playing better after a good start.

Down a few $$$ and not seen a hand for a while.....
A6 soooted UTG is worth a call.Its only .25 and even if my A is no good it could hit 2 pair or a flush.Hey this pot could reach $30.Its 123-1 to flop a flush.I have implied odds! And if I call the table won't think I'm such a tight ass when I raise with the AA i'm due shortly....

Or worse down a few $$$ and fold it only to see the flush hit on the flop.Arghhhh.I kept my discipline ,played it right and THAT happens.All thought of continuous shufflers vanishes and you watch as two clowns go all in with not a lot in a pot which should have been mine.Only it shouldn't as the fold was correct.

Up a few $$$ and its an automatic fold including a laugh at the fool who played A7 and lost to a better A. Your flush flops and you think "happens but I played it correctly".You give yourself a pat on the back and easily move on unaffected.

Not sure if theres a point to all this other than to reiterate the old mantra about simply playing each hand on its merits and not letting other issues cloud judgement.

Moving away from poker Rangers got Inter Milan,Porto and the team that humped our rivals,Art Media.Not a bad draw but it'll be tough to get through.So long as we don't lose 5-0 to Art Media like the muppets across the city.

Ok its lunchtime.Time for a wish sandwich and a rubber bisceeeeeeeet.......


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