Friday, August 19, 2005


Can't beat driving to work on a sunny Friday morning with Minnie the Moocher blasting from the car cd player.Great way to start the day.

Yep its Friday at last and so long as Rangers tank Celt*c tomorrow it should be a fine weekend.
Off to McDonalds at lunchtime for flags/balloons etc to take to the game tomorrow to wind up the celt*c fans by reminding them who scored the 2 goals which sunk their league title hopes in the last 2 minutes of last season."Scott McDonald scored two goals, Ee i ee i o".

$54 up last night from my 1 1/2hr session at Interpokers 6 max $.50-$1nl. Played a fairly tight game and just waited on bad plays by opponents.I did fold 99 pf to an all in and a call and would have lost as J 10 hit a J and beat the original All in players 88.

Amazingly I split 2 big pots last night. 97 o/s in the BB and two of us flop the straight.Another straight with AK sees a split pot.A bit frustrating but the funny thing was that the villan I split the first hand wrote looooooooooooollll in the chat box.I didn't reply and he proceeded to tilt away the rest of his While I was a bit pissed to see he had the same hand we were both all in after the flop which had 2 spades and I was also a bit relieved he wasn't on a flush draw as another spade fell on the river.

Overall still enjoying Interpoker 6 max and will probably stay there for a while.I may try and find at the Pokerroom tables if I'm having a late night.It would be nice to play with another blogger.Glad the raising from the BB trick worked.Made a few more $$ from it myself last night.The table conditions have to be right though.Tight tables are obviously best for this move.

It always pays to keep in mind how the table is playing.At one table I was at last night the action was loose and tightening up and betting big with a good hand seemed the best strategy with very little bluffing.At another tight table I bluffed the same player twice in 15 mins.I never show my hand but I had 2h3h and with 2 hearts on the flop bet out on my draw.No help on the turn and I called his bet.When he only bet 1/3 of the pot on the river after another blank I raised him and forced him to fold.Didn't show as I didn't want to ruin my tight table image but the temptation was strong.

Ok I'd have looked a bit daft if he'd called but if he had I'd just tighten up and hope to get a call next time I have the nuts and make a similar river bet.

Finally finished reading Iggys blog and what a read it was. Now started after reading GaryC25's recommendation and I'm enjoying it too.

Also read Garys comments on the controversy about blog links etc and I agree with the low limit grinders thoughts. I'm happy to link up any fellow bloggers and while it would be great to have a growing army of eager readers I kept a daily diary from age 13 to 18 and I was quite happy to have a readership of one for it.I may well email Mr Canthang and ask for a link and while it would be much appreciated if the answer is no from him or anyone else I won't be losing sleep over it. So if anyone would like to swap links please leave me a comment and consider it done.
I didn't even realise there was a contoversy about it! I think I'll leave a comment on every blog I can find now and ask for a link just out of I love the net and cyberspace but some folk seem to take it all a bit too seriously.

Ok a wee Friday funny from The Herald..

A GLASGOW couple holidaying in Newquay thought their young daughter was unhurt when she took a tumble down a few steps, but they were horrified when she woke up the next morning with an ugly red bump on her forehead. Fearing they were bad parents for not having her checked out the day before, they immediately rushed her to hospital and anxiously waited for her to be seen in accident and emergency. Imagine their mixed emotions when the doctor looked carefully at the blood-red lump then carefully picked a half-chewed and congealed jelly baby off her head.

Have a great weekend people.The much anticipated answers to yesterdays Scottish phrase meanings coming soon.They must be harder to work out than they look or as we say in Scotland ...Naebudygiesatoss!( nobody cares at all!).


At Friday, 19 August, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

I'll probably be on there tonight, so I'll give a look for Zagga.

Good luck,



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