Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wed Update

Came home from work last night and booked the Rangers game on ppv.Rangers TV was showing it in full at 9pm but I couldn't wait and had to watch it live. 2-1 to the Scottish Champions and hopefully that and the 2 away goals should mean the Gers go through to the group stages after the second leg at Ibrox in 2 weeks.

Squeezed in 1 1/2 hours of poker last night and lost $37 at .25nl.Most of it came near the start of my session when I decided to start being more aggressive pre-flop and when my continuation bet was called ( after I'd missed the flop) I bet out again on the turn.Sometimes I don't think this is always a bad move but its all about timing and mine was rotten.

I'm terrible for staying up too late at night and being very tired the next day.This doesn't help my poker play or my mood when dealing with complaints all day.This week I've been making sure I'm in bed for 0.30 am latest and getting up about 8.30am and I'm feeling a bit better for it.I'm lucky that I have flexi time at my work so basically I have to be at work between 10 -3.30 and not be more than 11 hours up or down.To keep it on an even keel I need to do 7 hrs 12 mins per day.I'm usually a later starter ( 10am) and late finisher.I hate getting out my bed in the mornings but I could easily stay up till the wee small hours every night.I nearly fell asleep reading that back so quick subject change...

Why do people over 65 feel obliged to write their age in their complaint letters? Its like newspaper letters from kids which always have their age in brackets after them. I'd love to sign my replies with my age included just for fun.We do get some nutcases though.One guy sent in his letter on headed note paper which stated he was a member of the "Hells Angles".I think he got straight to the point.They say the customer is always right so does that make him a right angle?

Just read another from a guy whose line has been down so often he wants compensation to buy carrier pigeons. As Henry Hill said in Goodfellas " You're a funny guy".

Mrs A is working at again tonight.She works at the local Chinese takeaway and its great because I get two meals a week from there and tonight is steak night.A man can never eat enough steak I reckon.I used to do deliveries for a similar takeaway when I was younger and loved it.Easy money,good food and they were great to work for.The boss and his family took me for my first Casino visit on my 18th and bought me a huge steak for my dinner.I don't know when he found time to sleep though as he used to work from the early afternoon ( preparing food) until 12am then hit the casino.

So its finish work,pick up the wee one and my dinner then home for my part time job of Trampoline Supervisor with hopefully some poker and blog reading thrown in.

Could life be anymore exciting.....


At Thursday, 11 August, 2005, Blogger The Edge said...

Good post and rant, though I'll admit that (being Chinese) I'm not a huge fan of takeaways.

I remember working for Pizza Hut as a kid and getting £2.80 per hour with a free pizza after every shift.

The Edge
(age 25)

At Thursday, 11 August, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Edge and of course double thanks for inlcuding your age.grrrrr!


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