Friday, August 05, 2005

Movin' Up

Played for a couple of hours last night and I'm through with .25nl. I bought in for $25 and made a silly call for $17 with a flush draw that never hit and then left feeling annoyed with myself again.I know I wouldn't put 3/4 of my buy in at $1n ( buy in $100) on a flush draw so why do it at .25nl?

The answer is that I have 38 buyins at .25nl but under 10 at $1nl and I find it hard playing my A game at .25nl when I've played 6k hands at the higher level and been winning.

I won again last night and after 2 hours left $35 up giving me a $10 profit for the night.I felt I made better sized bets than usual and when it came to my river bet ( when I was sure I was ahead) I thought more about how much I would pay if I was in my opponents shoes to see my hand rather than just making an obvious big bet that screamed Monster.

Bankroll is at $965 and while a few bad beats or bad plays at $1nl may well take its toll at least I'll be playing my best game.I may play .25nl again but will seriously question myself first to make sure I'm fully focussed.

Its also hard switching between the loosey goosey style of .25nl and the tight grinding style of $1nl. One guy at the $1nl table who was very loose and aggressive asked "Does nobody raise here pf?". I was tempted to reply that as we were all waiting to trap him with our monsters and indeed within an hour he'd gone from hero to zero after playing almost every hand.

Just had my Mum on the phone asking what I'd like for my birthday.I was going to ask for a new monitor as I use a 14" old piece of junk and I'd love a 17" or 21" flat screen and I'm sure it would be better for my eyes but comfort comes first so I've asked for a new chair instead.Us Scots get an unfair reputation for being tight with money but it certainly applies to me.I bought
my current chair for £10 from a dodgy wee unit ( not really a shop) near the Barra's market and wheeled it all the way back to my car.It obviously fell off the back of a lorry and although it was a bargain its needing replaced.My backside demands it.

Not much else planned this weekend.Aswell as following Scotlands Champions I also support my local junior football team.Junior does not mean kids but part-time football and I've tried to go and see East Kilbride Thistle Fc whenever I can and whenever the Gers aren't at home.Its a bit different going to watch a match with 50 people rather than 50000 but I enjoy it.I took Step A to her first game to watch EK lift the Sectional league cup a couple of years ago inthe final v Bellshill.It was the only trophy EK has won in over 20 years and I'm not holding my breath waiting for the next one.

Reading a couple of good books just now. "Dry" by Augusten Burroughs about a guy going into rehab which is a true story and sounds dreadful but is actully quite a funny mix of comedy and calamity. "Grass" by Phil Sparrowhawk is about a guy who made it big as a drug smuggler and worked with Howard Marks.I've read Howards "Mr Nice" ( he used it as an alias) and I saw him at the theatre in Glasgow telling some of his incredible stories.

My team at work have just presented me with a Chocolate muffin for my birthday complete with candle and a card.Deeply I used to have one with my lunch every day until I attended MA.( Muffins Anonymous).

From the paper today "Scottish courts are dealing with an ever growing collection of fetishists.In Sept 2003 pervert Ian Curtis was caught having sex with a frozen chicken.
When he was discovered by his wife Jean the former military policeman,42,of Glasgow,was dressed in a skirt,silk blouse and rubber stockings.
Jean who later divorced him shouted at her husband " You dirty Bast*rd, that's my Sunday dinner".

Another one I liked:A reader tells us about his pal Joe the tiler who has just been tiling a wee wummin's bathroom in Garrowhill. After making him a cup of tea before he started, she told him: "Noo son, I hope yer last tiling joab wisnae that American space shuttle".

Still no sign of my MOT certificate but apparently I don't need it to get another one done.That'll be something nice to spend my birthday money on.....


At Friday, 05 August, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Always a good read. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday.


At Friday, 05 August, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Thanks Gary.Much appreciated.

At Friday, 05 August, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Hey acorn, Is your whole bankroll profit and how much did you initially deposit when starting out? Have a very happy birthday!and thank you for your posts on my blog. This southern softie thanks you!

At Friday, 05 August, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Hey Juice,I deposited $50 on Oct 31st '04 then another $50 about an hour later.Cashed out $450 at the start of January and have built from there.All profit but a long long way to go.
Cheers for the birthday wishes.Can't believe it's my 33rd.argghhh.
Have a fine night at the tables.
Little Acornman

At Saturday, 06 August, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I think we need to have the first Acorn NL tournement for reader of your blog. How brilliant that would be. We could get the edge, myself and you and some of your other readers all sitting at the same table. it would be like the clash of the titans

At Saturday, 06 August, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

happy birthday!

At Saturday, 06 August, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

Nice idea Juice.A wee tourney would be fun. All my blog readers? Does anyone have a spare phone box?
Would it be easy to set up at Ladbrokes? Pokerroom allows private cash tables.$.25nl.Buy in up to $25 but we could set at $5 or $10.


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