Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Booted when Up

I promise my next post will not be entitled "Booted when breaking even" but it happened again the other night and my adsl is officially gubbed.I'm using a dial up connection till its fixed but its slower than a week in jail and driving me nuts.

Apologies in advance for the lack of decent posts until its sorted.

From 31/7/05
My lack of self discipline does not bode well for my future poker bankroll.I write a post outlining
the reasons why I shouldn't be playing at $1 or $2nl and then hit "Publish post" and promptly go straight to a $2 nl table.

Settled down for a fold fest and had a decent run of cards.I said I hadn't noticed a difference at $2nl ( from $1) but on one hand I had KK and it was raised to $4 then reraised to $8.I reraised again to $15 but instead of the all in extravaganza I was expecting all folded and I raked the pot.
The good news is that there still seem to be plenty of fish at $2nl.My table had its share of shortstacks taking a shot and tilters.I know I'm just a big stack ( I always buy in for the max) taking a shot but I'm a lot more patient than most of the action junkies with very low buy ins.

The bad news is that I don't see anything wrong with playing very tightly but I see a lot wrong with playing scared and while I'm comfortable at $1nl I think that at $2nl I know that coming out on the wrong side of a coinflip or making one mistake could cost me 1/5 of my bankroll and I could be playing much better with a bigger roll.

My adsl failed mid hand and I left the $2nl table $94 up.The bankroll sits at $1047.

2/8/05 Didn't play any poker last night.Mark popped round for a night of Project Snowblind on the ps2.We must have nearly completed it by now.Its a regular first person shooter game but has some great features.You can make yourself invisible,use x ray vision and have a ballistic shield if you have enough bio power.If only I could use those powers playing online poker...

I'm taking Mrs A and Step A out for dinner tonight.Back to the Auldhouse Arms for the tastiest Steak Pie in Scotland.

Felt like an idiot the other day.( for a change).I bought an electronic egg timer to avoid the kids arguing about whose been on the trampoline but it wouldn't work.I went back to the shop and the young assistant opened another 3 and we couldn't get them to work either until an old lady in the queue pointed out that it has to be fully rotated first before setting it.Oooops.

Read in todays paper that a woman was so angry arguing over a bus seat that she bit her own arm.Maybe I'll try that the next time I get a bad beat.

Had a quick read at http://pokerandglory.blogspot.com/ and I'd like to wish the Juice all the best with his gambling problem.With counselling and help from fellow bloggers I'm sure he can get over his 7/2 obsession....lol.

I liked his Batman picture but theres only one Superhero for me and thats Mrs A or as I like to call her in the mornings .......CuppaWoman. Can't beat a cup of tea to start the day.Now where do I get a cape with a big C on it?

Heres a wee story which made me smile from the Herald Diary column.

THE strange world of toilet-cubicle humour continues, with a visitor to Dublin telling us he was having a pint in one of the city's fine bars, when an American visitor told the barman: "Excuse me sir, there's no lock on the restroom door."Without pausing from pouring a pint of Guinness, the barman replied: "That's because no-one has ever wanted to steal what's done in there."

Ok I'm off to chase up my broadband fault. I may be some time......


At Wednesday, 03 August, 2005, Blogger Andersun said...

Glad to see you bankroll's back over a grand. I literally laughed out loud about the timer in the store thing. That's great.


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