Sunday, July 31, 2005

Booted when down

Had a very frustrating night last night.I was doing well at $2nl when I get AK.I call an $8 raise and the flop comes A 10 6 rainbow.I check,villan bets $10 and I raise it to $40 which he calls.Turn is 9 and this time when I bet $60 I get raised to $80 which I call.
I checked the river ( Q ) feeling I must be behind to trips or 2 pair and have to make a crying $20 call.The villan was obviously worried too as $20 into a pot that size was nothing.He won with A9.
I should probably have realised I was behind when he raised on the turn but I didn't see him raising preflop and calling my post flop check raise with A9.

Down but not out and despite that loss I was still ready to do battle when 10 hands later I noticed one of the other players taking his time but not getting a "hurry up" message.I'm sitting in the BB with Q10 and I wait and wait before realising that the Poker Gods have been reading my blog and decided that if I can't manage my bankroll they would and my broadband connection was to use the technical engineering term....fucked.

I did all the disconnecting/reconnecting stuff but no joy.This was bad.Whats an Acorn to do without Online poker? Mrs A was already asleep and even Nacho was giving it big zzzzzz's so I did the next best thing to playing and watched Internet poker on the tv.

Up today ready for the first game of the season at 3pm.I switch on the tv at 1.30pm and Ibrox is looking suprisingly busy for an hour and a half before kick off. Finish getting ready and at 2pm just before leaving I flick the tv on again and the League Flag is being unfurled.It was a 2pm kick off not 3pm.Arghhhhh! Quickly race to Ibrox and I'm in my seat just before half time.3 -0 to the Champions V Livingston.Top of the league already after one game.I heard the Motherwell fans taunting the celt*c fans yesterday singing "Can we play you every week" and "Strachan must stay".ho ho .

Luckily I take my adsl being down very well indeed and don't rush round at all after the game trying to get a dial up disc just in case I can't get the broadband working.

I arrive home with 2 such discs but amazingly my connection has been restored.

Now what is the question.The roll is at $953 and while I love $2nl under 5 buyins does not make for optimal game play or is anywhere near enough to deal with the variance that comes playing NL.Same for $1nl despite being $713 up over 7k hands. Not keen on .50nl so looks like I'll need to head back to .25nl for the rest of eternity or until the BR can stand a move up.

I may try the tourney route.My record excluding freerolls is played 160 .won 44.Net result +$393. I love playing tourneys.Much more fun than most cash games but playing them and nothing else would be a step into the unknown and I don't know if my bankroll would appreciate that.

Added another couple of new blogs to my links.Please check 'em out and say hello.

Ok while the connections still holding up I'm gonna hit the tables....


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