Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pick n Mix

Had a quiet night last night.Played for an hour and a half at Interpoker and finished about level for the night.Slow played an AK which hit an A on the flop but folded to a $40 river bet when there was a straight on the board.Also lost a decent size pot when I had KK preflop, reraised a villan and had to give up on the turn thanks to an A hitting on the flop.On another hand though I had QQ and again slowed down with an A on the board and ended up checking it down with the villan before the pot came my way.

One frustrating hand was when I had AKs and called a $26 all in bet from a player who seemed a bit tilty after someone else hit their boat on the river to beat his flush.One other caller who I put on a pp. Blanks for me on the flop and I checked and the other caller checked too.Another blank on the turn and I check and so does the villan.No picture cards out.Maybe hes not got a pp and has AQ/AJ. 7 on the river and I check and so does he.Don't know what Mr Tilt had but my fellow checker took it down with Q7s.( pair sevens). Why call a $26 bet with Q7s?
As the virtual chips made their way to him I was kicking myself for not betting before the river and taking the pot.In tournament situations checking down and knocking out the all in player may be ok but in cash games I need to be more aggressive.

Only 4 weeks until Mrs A and I head off to Gran Canaria for 16 nights of fun in the sun.I'm really looking forward to getting away.Mrs A and I tend not to go on a lot of nights out at home and save our money for as many holidays a year as we can afford.As usual we've not had much of a summer in Scotland.A few hot sunny days but not a lot.I do love my country but I wish it didn't rain as often.Goodbye blue sky...goodbye.

Just had a complaint from a man with the unfortunate double barrelled surname of "Browne-Mark". I bet his first day at school was fun.

Todays tune thats stuck in my head is the Dido sample from Eminems "Stan". Better than the flippin' Spice Girls tune that Step A is playing on repeat at the moment.
Bought "The Definitive Blues Brothers collection" cd at lunchtime.Great film.

Elwood: "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses."

Jake: "Hit it".

Here's a wee test for any non-Scottish readers of this blog.Heres a few Glasgow phrases I saw at lunchtime on car stickers.As legendary artist Rolf Harris would say "Can you tell what it is yet"? I'll give you the first one.

Yirfaessisawskrewedup : Your face is all screwed up

Panic time.I've got a dentist apppoinment for next Tuesday.I'd rather chew my own arm off than go but after my sister went through her op for cancer I've decided to try not to be such a coward about it.I hate going but booked the appoinment after I ate a piece of gum last week and it felt like a filling came out.I could hardly eat on Fri or Sat but its got better since then.I called to put the appt back but first appoinment is October and I'd hate to get toothache on holiday.
"hey Meeezter I use de beeg dreel"as some road digging type machine is wheeled out..( I'm a fluent Spanish speaker as you can tell).

Adios Amigos....


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