Saturday, August 20, 2005


What a fine 24 hours. Caught up with at the Pokerroom .25nl tables and it only took minutes for us both to run over the table scooping stacks from anyone crazy enough to get in our way.A Pokerroom manager even asked in the chat if we could tone it down and take it easy on the fish.
Well thats the fiction version.In reality we were at a crap table with low pots and low flop % seen and I hadn't been in such fine company I'd have left long before I got the fish all in with his flush draw which he hit on the river.Pleasure playing with you Mr C.Hope you had more luck at the Omaha tables.

Good has triumphed over evil today at Ibrox with the Champions winning 3-1.Prso,Buffel and Nacho Novo scored for the teddy bears and it should have been more. Chants of "No Tims in Europe","Stand up for the Champions","We are the People","We can see you sneaking out" and more were belted out.Lots of McDonalds balloons and almost complete silence from the 7000 muppets from the other side of the city. It may take me a week to get my voice back but I don't care.What a fantastic day.To top it off I got text from my friend in Florida to say he'd watched it at one of the Supporters clubs over there and that he and the missus were coming back next Sunday for a few days.He and his Missus are 2 of my best friends and it'll be great to see them for the first time since Xmas.

Went to the Showpark in EK and watched my junior team lose 1 -0 in a game they should have won which wasn't great but nothing will spoil my mood after todays Rangers result.

Quick message to Juice and any other fans of the darkside....Get it right round ye!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.I'm off to watch my recording of the game and play some poker....


At Saturday, 20 August, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

The pleasure was all mine. Alas, it was a slow night on the Omaha tables as well.
Hopefully it turns around soon. Good playing with you though.



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