Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Filled In

Back from the dentist.I had a loose filling he took out and replaced and although it hurts a bit ( or a lot if Mrs A asks) I'm glad its done and dusted as dental surgeries 'aint my favourite hang out.

No poker last night.Too busy playing MOH.

I did have some fun the other night playing at the play money tables with my Mum again.Good fun and you can't beat bluffing your own mother out of a pot even if it is only for play chips.

Heard from my friends in Florida again.They're not back for long but going out for a few beers with him and another old friend Sandy next Wed night.Should be a good night.

Going to the Gers game tomorrow night.Playing Famagusta in the 2nd leg of the Euro qualifier.2-1 up and should go through but anything can happen in football so I hope we get the first goal which will pretty much bury the Cypriots chances.

Ok here are the much anticipated answers to my Scottish phrases from the other day.

Yirfaessisawskrewedup : Your face is all screwed

Wotchooterrapolis: Watch out theres the police.

Gonnaenodaerat: Please do not do that.

Awaanboilyirheid: Off you go and boil your head.

Yirteethshinginoottaedry: Your mouth is open ( your teeth are hanging out to dry)

Maheidsburstin:I have a sorehead.

Girowrhereanstopyirmoochinaboot:Get over here and stop hanging about.

Hesaglakitedjit:He is a stupid looking idiot.

I'm off to sooth my sore mouth with a big doob and some poker...


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