Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wed Update

First a big welcome back to one of the best bloggers out there
Good to see you back at last Sir.

After all my talk about how I loved tourneys I played a $5 sng for the first time in a while and enjoyed it despite crashing out in 5th. I was down to 470 chips and when one of the other players wrote " You'll be all in next Zagga followed by me" I replied that "I'm just going to play pussy poker and blind myself out of here" and the moment I hit the return key I get AK. I push and get one caller with KQ who hits his Q on the river." lol gg "I say on the way out. "Ya jammy lucky snidey bastart" I say to myself once I'm back in the lobby.

Moved over to Interpoker but I'm not sure how long I'll stay there.I deposited and withdrew money from there at the beginning of May.Deposited to get a $200 bonus and withdrew because they changed their rake requirement meaning the bonus was impossible to clear.I read they had changed it back so thats when I made another deposit to get another bonus.The problem is that that the original bonus is still showing and requires 4000 points to clear.I've played there for many hours recently and only cleared 34% of it or 1400 points.

The August match up bonus of $100 only requires 500 points but I have to clear the other one first. Pokerlistings have a new sign up offer which gives a $300 bonus for only 1825 points.

I called their support and the guy agreed it was unfair on me.I'm not disputing I agreed to the $200 under the terms and conditions at the time but I'd rather they even cancelled the $200 bonus altogther and just let me earn my $100 match up August offer which I could clear quite quickly.

The support guy may have agreed with me but said he couldn't do anything and to email the casino manager.I emailed 2 days ago and haven't heard back yet.Watch this space....

I don't want to leave there as I'm enjoying the play.$38 up last night.Most of it came when I called a $24 all in bet from someone with Ah Kh .I had QQ and when 2 hearts fell on the flop I thought I was done but my Nolan sisters held up.

Moved to another table and watched a player tilt away $100 but sadly none of it to me.I very rarely show my hand if I win although I always leave the option open.Last night though I mixed it up a bit though after one of the other players showed down a couple of bluffs.

Of course I immediately tagged him as as bit tricky and expected him to be a decent player.I then showed him a couple of my bluffs when I pushed him out of pots and he started to tilt a bit and I started to smile.To be fair to him he stayed out of my way and I stayed out of his after that and he stopped showing his bluffs.From my point of view I was glad I'd got his respect and he wouldn't try it on too much but not sure if I should have kept quiet and let him show.

I've never used trash talk or showing down bluffs as a tactic.Its true though that you make more money from other players mistakes than you do from your own brilliant play.Maybe thats why its hard to build confidence in your first year playing as whenever you win a big pot you just wonder if the other player was simply a bigger donk than you are.Maybe the skill is in finding the bigger donks at the tables and moving if there aren't any.

Not sure about the trash talk but I'll certainly consider showing a few more winning hands in future especially as I play quite tightly for 6 max and it showing down the odd bluff should help me get more callers on my monsters.

Working till 6pm tonight then straight to the football.Its warm outside ( 17c is warm for Glasgow) but looks like there could be thunder later.

"What did he just say"?

"He said theres a storm coming"

"I know"

Ok nuff said.I''ll be back.....


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