Friday, September 02, 2005

Fine Evening

Finally caught up with two old friends last night.We were supposed to be going out for a wee swally but Mark is back home for his brothers wedding and had a rehersal so they ended up coming over to my place last night.Not seen either of them since Xmas and it was great to catch up with them and to note that I have much more hair then them despite the headset I wear giving the false impression of a small patch of see through hair at the back of my napper!

Sandy and his Missus are expecting their 2nd baby in a few weeks and Mark and Vicki don't know how much longer they're going to be in Miami as Marks contract runs out in November.From a selfish point of view I'd love to see them come home.We used to have some great nights at the weekend but I obviously wish them all the best where ever the end up.Back
to Amsterdam would be nice....

Congrats to Juice at for winning a JD competition and a trip to Nashville. The only thing I ever won was tickets to a Trish Yearwood concert in Glasgow in the local paper. Nothing else ever! Have fun in the U S of A. Do they have a casino in Nashville?

Congrats to Gcox25 on his 11 year anniversary. Mrs A and I will be 6 years together on Dec 31st after she seduced me at a Millenium party.( the evil wench that she is!).Its certainly flown in and I wish I'd moved in with her years ago instead of stubbornly clinging to my independence.
We've got a lovely new ( 3 yrs old) house in a nice quiet area and apart from all the Jenny long legs invading we love it.

My flat was ok but the area went downhill in the 10 years I was there and while I may have had the odd bottle of cider hanging about the streets when I was younger we kept to ourselves and wouldn't have dreamed of dishing out cheek and abuse to passers by.Its a bit of a no win situation.If you go out and confront them you risk a kicking from a gang of them and if you chase them off your windows will probably get it later.

It seems theres just so much ying and yang in human nature.My sympathies go out to all those affected by Katrina in New Orleans but the stories of looting and of the army/ fire fighters getting shot at makes me sick.I'm sure there will be many tales of bravery and sacrifice which will emerge in time to provide some kind of counterbalance.

To the tables and after all I wrote about complacency I lost $17 before my friends arrived when my KQ was beaten by KJ on a K J Q flop. I should have known I was beaten ( by the straight,trips,2 pair etc etc) but while I would never have committed that % of my stack at $1nl it was another "What the hell" moment of madness.( As in "What the hell it is only .25nl,I could be ahead").

After they left I played for 1 1/2 hours.Interpoker is driving me bonkers. Finished $53 up but on my last hand I had QQ and had raised $4 preflop. Loose goose called and I bet out $7 on a 9 7 4 rainbow flop.He called and had checked to me when my screen froze." trying to reconnect" appeared although it obviously wasn't trying hard enough because nothing happened.Nothing,hee haw,nada,zilch,zero at all! Now he could have had 2 pair or trips but I'm fairly sure I was ahead and after waiting 10 minutes as instructed ( game server busy-please try again in 10 minutes) I finally got reconnected and the log viewer stated I'd left before the end of the hand.Sent them off an email demanding at least the money I'd invested in the pot be refunded but as I'm still waiting on a reply to my bonus question I won't be holding my breath waiting on a reply.

Back to trusty old Pokerroom and won $50 when a villan bluff bet into my trip 9's when a 3rd spade hit on the turn.I didn't think he'd go all in like that if he had hit and he said "nice call" as I raked in his chips.

So $80 up in total for the night but if Interpoker don't get their collective fingers out their backsides I'll be back to playing exclusively at Pokerroom.I may even try Party at last and see if its the fishfest I keep hearing about.Certainly despite my bad experiences at Interpoker theres no doubt the play is softer and theres money to be made.

Maybe I'll give Ladbrokes a go so long as I keep off the limit tables and away from those two sharks Juice and The Edge...

The weekend has landed! Enjoy.


At Friday, 02 September, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Thanks, buddy, the wife and I both appreciate the sentiment.


At Saturday, 03 September, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

"My flat was ok but the area went downhill in the 10 years I was there "

Apparently you cant observe a thing without changing that which you are watching. Thus is it mere coincidence that you move into the area and it starts going down hill OR did moving into the flat set off a terrible chain of events that culminated in the area being taken over by chavs?! hmmm :-) I guess we will never know!

I have no idea if they have a casino in nashville but i am pretty certain they dont have 0.10/.20 limit tables if they do!

good luck on the tables

At Saturday, 03 September, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I don't know what your implying Juice but my lawyer may be in touch ;-)

At Saturday, 03 September, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

Ive watched Diagnosis murder, murder she wrote, petty mason and piorot as well as LA Law.

What you cant learn from those programme about the law isnt worth knowing.

bring it on!!

At Saturday, 03 September, 2005, Blogger Littleacornman said...

You've never heard of the Nolan sisters though.You don't stand a chance. Easy Easy!


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