Thursday, December 29, 2005

Day after Dadi

Firstly a big thanks to Tripjax and Jordan for arranging last nights DADI tourney.A real pleasure to take part.It was 2am UK time and my only working day over the holidays was today so I'd decided on a fast n loose strategy.Managed to donk off almost half my chips by limping and hitting nothing and living up to the tourney name by drawing to outs I doubt existed!

Then despite the late hour I reverted back to normal mode.It was like when I used to join my Mum at the play money tables.At first I'd have fun and go all in a lot then even though I never ever play with play chips anymore I'd tighten up and want to win pots not throw them away.Silly when its only play chips but I must be more competitive than I think.

Anyway I did tighten up and ended up crashing out to Dnasty when his 66 held up v my AK.No complaints though as I did get to drop the hammer in the hand before when my shortstack all in move stole the blinds.

Enjoyed the play and the chat.Looked up Lady Falcon 's blog this morning as she was next to me and I'm glad I did.Well worth a look.Very well written and unlike when they write "hilarious" next to second rate comedy shows in the tv section of the paper her stuff really will make you laugh out loud.

I've only played live at Cardrooms twice but her descriptions apply worldwide not just in the US.
Check it out.

Before the blogger game I had been up $41 at Ladbrokes when I joined Juice,The Edge and Rosie ( hope your cold is better today) for some pokery fun at the .10-.20 nl tables.I'm sure I spotted Butroz at a 6 max nl table at the weekend.Hope nl is still treating him well.

I played ok but my poker game is still not at its best despite my attempts to blog my way back to my A game.I had AK and after raising prelop bet in to an A 3 5 flop only to get raised.Not much of a read on the villan as I was too busy chatting but I reraised thinking at a .10-.20 table villan could have anything from AJ to A6.When I was reraised back my instincts were to fold to 2 pairs or a set but I fell into the poker ego trap of treating it like a pissing contest and had lost my stack to quad treys by the river.

Was in bed for 2.45 am and up at 08.30 for my only day at work until the 9th Jan.Got the grandson staying tonight as well as Step A's wee friend so it'll be a busy house tonight.

I will manage to sneak some pokery goodness into my evening too.I'm going to look for good value Multi-table tourneys to play as they are a welcome change of pace from nl cash games.
My brain feels a bit frazzled from all my 2 and 3 tabling of the 6 max tables and tourney always seem more exciting due to constantly having to adjust my strategy according to numerous variables
I feel very inexperienced in some situations.I managed to go from Chipleader ( 300 left from 800 in a $3k guaranteed) to bust in record time and was very unsure of how I should play it.I tried to bully a bit and steal blinds but ended up getting invloved too often and in future will maybe try and bide my time better.

When I tried that last time though I went from a top 5 position to being back in the pack within a few orbits! Investing in a decent book such as the Dan Harrington one I've heard good things about is one way forward.Did anyone check the watch internet poker link from yesterday? They are now showing Mtt's and its great to get a better idea of what kind of hands people play and how they play them.

I may also play a satellite or two to try and get into the bigger tourneys.I've only ever played one as I'm a tightass and it seems such a long route to go down to qualify I never bother but I'd love to play in Pokerrooms next Grand Tourney or a 1/2 million game at 'Stars.

Go fry da fish!


At Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

It sounds like you need to keep playing your tight game even when you are the chipleader. When I get a stack, I start to mix it up more. But in the longrun, with MTTs you DO NOT want to mix it up. Tight is right...for you. Me? I'm a recovering maniac.

At Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Blogger littleacornman said...

I would love to be a successful maniac.Raising everyone out of every pot and running over the table but either I'm not skilled enough or it just doesn't suit me.

Thanks for the mtt advice.I will try and tighten up in that situation again.Not that its a regular problem!

Hope your still swollen with pride after the Dadi tourney.Sixty fuckin' 2.Class.

Omaha next? Errrr wot? Never played it in my life.Gonna be even deader money than last night.

Any 4 will do right?

At Friday, 30 December, 2005, Blogger GaryC said...

Most definitely, any 4 will do for a call. LOL.

Acorn, have a great New Year and win lots of pots next year.



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