Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Frolics

Played for an hour last night at Ladbrokes.Started at .25-.50nl 6 max and not much happened apart from losing with a full house to Quads.That cost me $18.

Popped out to pick up a nice oz of fine herb and then hit a .50-1 6 max table when I got back.

Wasn't there for long before found myself calling a min raise with errrrr Kd3d.I don't recall all the details but there was an Ace on the flop aswell as a King.The preflop raiser checked and so did I.Turn brought a 3 but also a 3rd club.I decided to bet out with my 2 pair and represent the possible flush too.Got called and the river brought another club.

I was out of position and there was only me and the preflop raiser in the pot but I used acting first to my advantage and made a pot and a half size bet hoping it looked like I'd bet out when drawing on the turn and now I'd hit my flush I wanted paid.I was also gambling ( its been known) that he didn't have a club.He let the clock run down and folded.

I was probably ahead with my 2 pair so it wasn't a pure bluff by any means but it felt like it while that clock was ticking.-$5 for my hours play overall.

Didn't get many raked hands in and still require a ton ( well 175 at least) to make Laddys $100 k freeroll.

Dropped off Step A and looking forward to a night of pokery fun and a long lie in tomorrow.I'll need to be careful though because although smokin' da herb benefits my game the new oz I've got is very strong and it'll probably take a couple of nights to get used to.

I may head into Glasgow tomorrow to watch EK Thistle play and get Mrs A something for valentines day.The Old Firm game kicks off at 12.30pm on Sunday and will be the departing managers last game v the soapdodgers at Ibrox.Both teams defences are poor so there could be a few goals.A quality game of free flowing football would be nice but I'd take a scrappy 8-0 victory!

Also did my bit for a fellow blogger today and transferred $10 from my 'Stars account to "HeyKidsItsBG" after reading about his problems at don't read very often ( barred from accessing at work) and don't know BG at all but his colon condition sounds awful so if you can help please visit Toapoker for more details on how to.

On a more upbeat note I also registered for the DADIII:Heads-Up Championship on 'Stars although I've only ever played heads up at the end of 5 or 10 player sng's so I'm not going into it with great expectations.The lads at my work are talking about a night out that Friday.I'll usually be home by 2am ( UK start time) but as I'm not much of a drinker I may have trouble switching my pc on by 2am let alone coming up with the strategy to beat my fellow bloggers.Should be fun.

Have a red,white and blue weekend...


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