Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pot Luck

Played a little poker last night from 11pm till 7am this morning.Started with a £2.50 mtt finishing 71st from 476 ( top 50 paid) before going out quickly in Ladbrokes late night crapshoot.Finished just outside the money in Inter's $3k Gtd ( $11 fee) then headed off to the cash tables.I like tourneys for the change of pace but didn't like losing and starting the night $30 down.

Played .25-.50 and later .50-1nl 6max at Interpoker for most of the night.Didn't play very smartly and ended up staying at tables with decent players for long periods which in the world of online poker is just plain stupid.Playing with better players may improve my game ( and makes bluffing easier) but its not as profitable as playing with idiots.Too often I found myself down a few $$ and not moving as I wanted to prove to myself I could get it back and outplay the villans.Most of the time I did get it back but after a huge run of cold cards and missed flops I was ( including tourney fees) $120 down for the night.

Now I'd like to write that I finished the night $60 up at Inter due to an excellent read on an opponent or an amazing play that stunned the table but the truth is I got very lucky indeed.
I was two tabling at 6.30am.One table ( £.50-£1 nl ) had a crazy player called Imanedda who'd lost about £400 and kept rebuying and making huge bets so like the rest of the table I was biding my time and waiting for a hand to go to war with when I decide to go all in at my other table ( £.25-.50 ) facing a very small stack with what I was sure was the best hand.

I took a long draw on my smoke,smiled and hit the good old all in button....

To my horror I see I've just gone in for £106 at the maniacs table with QJ off after the maniac had raised £29 preflop!

The software showed the cards as we were both all in.He had 10 8 off.Honestly he really did.It seems so crazy I'm tempted to post the hand history to prove it!

Flop came 8 6 6 rainbow and I'm about ready in my cool detached poker state of mind to burst into tears and stick my head through the monitor.Turn is a 9 and no help to either of us.River was a beautiful J giving me top pair and a £200 pot.

Used that to convince myself my luck had turned.Didn't play many pots after that and the table had tightened so it was off to Laddys for a quickie before bed.Won $55 when my AA was ahead pf behind to trips on the flop but rescued with a lucky flush by the river."Nice river" said the villan who tilted off the rest of his stack ( not to me sadly) when I replied "swings and roundabouts " in the chat.I don't chat much but its amazing how a bit of well aimed verbals can throw people well off their game at the low limits.

Party Poker are running another $50k freeroll for UK residents tonight at 7pm.Hope I can make it in this time.

Edit: Made it ok.Out already! 1000 chips to start.I call a 100 raise with 1010 and check my set when it hits on the flop.He bets,I raise,he pushes with QQ and hits a Q on the river.Welcome to Party

Up at 1.55pm today just in time to watch Rangers beat Inverness Caley 3-2 ( 2 more goals for Boyd) to go 3rd in the table.

Sunday figures are Interpoker $1513 Ladbrokes $833 and Pokerroom $717 ( + $174 for week).


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