Thursday, January 26, 2006

Couple of goals

Sat down at a Ladbrokes 6 max table last night feeling very tired and not really in the mood for a game.Won $32 then had a shower and a shave ,came back to the tables feeling refreshed and raring to go .... and finshed down $9.Managed to resist having a go at the fish who said "ty" in the chat after I got him all in post flop holding K10 on a K high board and he called with K3 and hit his 3 on the turn.I was slightly worried about being outkicked but his previous very fishy plays with dodgy kickers convinced me I was ahead when the money went in.Someone else wrote "omg" but it never illicited my most hated poker chat box reply of "wow".

Opened a .25-.50 full ring table and gambled when a short stack who'd pushed and won twice with average hands pushed again.Called with 77 hoping to be slight favourite in a race and lost to his KK.

I mentioned before that I'm not really a goals type of person but when it comes to my poker I need a few things to aim at to keep my focus.Firstly I want to clear the $358 deficit pokertracker shows for my play at Ladbrokes since Dec 20th.While it only represents a month of my play there and not the profits I've made since August it would be nice to reverse the losses that came with my Xmas downswing.

My second goal is to take a break from the game then play more poker! Sounds strange but the truth is I'm feeling a bit bored and burned out and as a result have only been playing for 30-45 mins most nights during the week and even that feels more like I'm doing it out of habit rather than because its a fun hobby I enjoy.Even recent blog entries feel a bit tired,stale and same old same old.

Maybe some live poker is the answer.I'm blue with envy ( I don't do green!) reading about Garyc 's upcoming trip to Vegas and Jordan's Atlantic City plans.A visit to the Wabash club in Glasgows Gorbals area just doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

Ok here's some funnies to help pass the day...

First up are some genuine but poorly named websites...

Consider Who Represents?,a database for agencies to the rich and famous

Want to buy a pen? Check out Pen Island at

Need a therapist?


Italian power comapny:

The latest threats from Osama bin Laden reminds Jim Fitzpatrick of the internet yarn about Osama writing in person to George Bush to show that rumours of his death were wrong. Bush opened the letter and found it contained a short coded message – 370HSSV-0773H. A confused president sent the message to the FBI, the CIA, and the National Security Agency, but none of them could crack the code. Eventually, it was passed on to MI6 in Britain which contacted the White House to tell them the president was holding the message upside down.

Before I go here's a link to a French website that has classic games available including the legendary Street Fighter 2!!

Not sure if this will work but its very funny.Andy Cameron is the guy who goes on the pitch before Rangers games and tries to get the crowd going.He's a good bluenose doing his best but it isn't everyones cup of tea...

Warning: Lots of swearing. f's n c's. Do not open at work.


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