Sunday, January 22, 2006

Partys over

Yes its true that despite playing online for over a year I've never played a hand at Party Poker.That's about to change as they have been advertising a $50k freeroll for all UK residents opening a new account.Sounds good to me.I'll be downloading the software shortly to take my shot.

Edit: What a load of crap.Never managed to get into the tourney.Registered but it wouldn't let me in.Off to delete the damn party software.What a waste of time.Grrrrr.

Sunday figures are Pokerroom $718, InterPoker $1485 and Ladbrokes $686. + $92 for week.

Only downside is that includes my $200 bonus from Interpoker which I took to a £1-£2nl table and lost.I raise pf with AA,get called by 77 and we both get all in when we hit our sets on the flop.Turn was a 7 giving the villan quads and me nightmares!

Pokertracker is sort of working again though why its only imported Ladbrokes hands from after Dec 20th is a mystery to me.Did Ladbrokes update their software on the 20th and thats the problem? Dunno.Annoying as although there's probably more to learn from bad times it would have been great to have been able to go over some of the big winners I've had since August and try and look into where I got lucky and where I played well.

Watched Starsky and Hutch with Mrs A last night then went through some of my nightmare hands from the last month on Pokertracker.It was actually quite reassuring and has brought some of my recent lost confidence back.I've lost $330 with KK over the last month alone and considering its been my 2nd biggest winner over 34k hands at Pokerroom I can see I really have been on the wrong end of some crappy variance.

Thanks to those who did show an interest in another ROW v US tourney but due to lack of numbers and the Party tourney I'll put the idea to bed for the moment.

Ok Sunday dinner and party poker are calling.....


At Monday, 23 January, 2006, Blogger Rosie said...


I played in that tourney. I hate Party poker, so I wasn't perhaps in the right frame of mind to start with. The moneys there though, I can just smell it. Next week, eh?

We haven't seen you at the tables in aggggggggggessssssssss, come and stop by and say hello and stop J and I bitching about our luck, (
or lack thereof.)

Hope Nacho's status has been regained to the rightful head of the family.
Good luck, Rose

At Monday, 23 January, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Hi Rose,
Actually I think it was my fault.I did the quick register thing but not the full real money reg that was probably required.Last minute as usual.
Didn't know it was on again this Sunday tho.Show me the money!

I'll look out for the LBP ( London Blogger Posse)this week and join you all for a game.Your right its been too long!

Nacho's top dog status has never been in doubt lol



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