Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Talkin' Turkey

Hit the Laddys tables 10 minutes before the $10 late night crapshoot tourney started and won a couple of $$ towards the fee.
Doubled up on a couple of hands quite early on before the moment that cost me.My 77 hit a 7 on the river to give me a full house ( 2 Aces on the board) but you only get 10 seconds to act and my dithering over my bet size meant the next thing I see in the chat box is “Acornman took too long and was folded”. Steamed a bit after that and didn’t get too much further.

Started at a .25nl 6 max table but didn’t like the table so I moved to my new home at Interpokers 15p-30p nl 6 max table.Bought in for £20 and made £15 within 45 minutes and headed off to bed.

These 15p-30p tables are very juicy indeed as they are the lowest possible £ tables available. I feel after over a year of play and profits I should be playing for higher stakes but after recent knocks I’m just looking to get my game back on track and rack up a few winning nights in a row without over doing it and burning myself out through sheer boredom and exhaustion.

If I play tonight that’s probably where I’ll be.Ladbrokes have another $100k freeroll this weekend for 500 raked hands completed by Thus midnight.I have 200 and would love another crack at it and could probably make it by 2 tabling .50-1nl 6 max but really don’t have the motivation to do that over the next two nights.

I hate the Nanny State this country is becoming.My work have given advice to people travelling to Turkey in light of the bird flu cases there.At number 3 on the list is “Avoid contact with surfaces or water contaminated by animal faeces” followed by the sage advice that employees should “Not attempt to bring any live poultry products back to the UK”.

No more using the shit slide at the local fun park if we go back to Turkey then…

Mrs A and I are looking at going away again before the end of March.I have 7 days holidays left and I ain’t afraid to use them.

We’d love to go to back to Egypt again but Amsterdam and Prague are other possibilities.

Here’s a couple of funnies to be going on with…

A Glasgow mother promised her five-year-old daughter a trip to the cinema during the festive period. "What would you like to see?" asked mummy. The child's reply was instantaneous: "The Lying Bitch and the Wardrobe."

Going radio rental:
WE understand that the sports reporter from Radio Clyde's second station telephoned Celtic manager Gordon Strachan for a comment after Sunday's defeat only to have the phone slammed down on him. It seems he only managed to get as far as saying "Clyde 2" when the line went dead.

And reader Raymond Lowe clears up the controversy over Celtic player Stephen Pearson allegedly singing "IRA" at a supporters' club function. Detailed analysis of the recording shows that Pearson was merely chanting: "I want away."

Good luck to all in the Dadi tourney tonight.


At Wednesday, 11 January, 2006, Blogger Rod said...

""The Lying Bitch and the Wardrobe."


HEY - your Word Verification phonetically says Cannibal CREEPY

At Wednesday, 11 January, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

T'was a cracker Grinder.Kids eh!

At Thursday, 12 January, 2006, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Hey Acorn,

Juice and myself are going to send Nacho a little gift. Something like this..



If he's still allowed chewy toys, please send your address to the ben_willets address and I'll order it ASAP.

The Edge

At Thursday, 12 January, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Will do Mr Edge.I like the look of the last one."For dogs that seek and destroy". That's Nacho!


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