Sunday, January 08, 2006

Super Sunday

Rangers bitter rivals celt*c fair brightened up my weekend by crashing out the Scottish Cup to minnows Clyde in a sensational result today.Clyde beat them 2-1 and had 2 goals ruled out.Always nice to see our separated brethren humiliated especially after Rangers beat Peterhead 5-0 easily yesterday with our new striker Boyd scoring three.Clyde's manager is also an ex Rangers player which just makes it even sweeter.

I wasn't looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but I'll have a wee spring in my step now!

To the pokery stuff now. Lady Falcon wrote in my comments :"Nominations for the 2006 blog awards are due on Thursday, Jan. 12. I vote that we all nominate Pauly's blog The Tao of Poker.The nomination form can be found at's make Pauly a serious contender!!Thanks for reading,Lady F."

Being a regular reader of The Tao of Poker I'm happy to oblige despite having to spend a morning recently cleaning my monitor after firing weetabix out my nose laughing at Daddys recent guest post. Read like a script from that classic movie Lady F herself has just reviewed...Foul Wind.

Figures wise I've played an awful lot of poker over the last week but lost $90 overall mainly due to my own poor plays and lack of concentration.For example I started last night in fish mode at Pokerrooms $1nl full ring when I bet with JJ on my first hand.One caller and on a flop that was an A 5 6 rainbow I managed to lose a $100 buyin to AQ.Even non poker players walking their dogs past the house at the time were peeking through the curtain and asking what the fuck I put the villan on if not an Ace.

I played a further 4 1/2 hours at Pokerroom and pulled back the deficit to $13 but what a lot of work to make up for a stupid play.Not sure if its a poker ego problem.Poker requires a different mental toughness to other competitive games.You can't simply will yourself to win a hand or always win it because you are better than the villan like say in pool or darts.Its about small edges not trying to outplay every opponent on every hand.

That was after Ladbrokes $100k freeroll lasted 30 mins for me.It was 15 minute blind levels and plenty of room to play but I called a few bets with pairs hoping to hit a set and build an early chip stack and then lost with AQ to AK when we both limped in and the flop had an Ace and 2 diamonds.Villan bet and I raised to stop him drawing to his flush...

Sunday update: Interpoker $1484,Ladbrokes $575 ,Pokerroom $663.

Back to the real grind tomorrow.I've been up till at least 5am most nights and sleeping in till 2pm so I'll probably feel jet-lagged tomorrow!

It was a great holiday though.Lots of time with the family and lots of poker played.

Not much on this week.Meeting a friend to play pool on Wednesday.We used to play every week till he moved an hour away.

Nearly forgot to mention I loved reading the story about the American woman who cut off two of her own toes to fit into her shoes better.Makes sense.Speaking of Americans Mrs A has been watching celebrity big brother with idiots like George Galloway and other barely famous people but they've managed to get cross dressing NBA star Dennis Rodman to appear.I've heard of him but never seen him play but have to ask what a sporting superstar is doing on one of the UK's most pathetic reality shows ever? Like the toe lady fact is sometimes stranger than fiction eh.

Bad news and good news on Juices free Nacho campaign.The good news is that after chewing yet another pair of shoes Mrs A has agreed to his release!! The bad news is she insists the wee man is to be released onto the nearest busy road...


At Monday, 09 January, 2006, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Why not try getting an award for Juice's blog as well?

At Monday, 09 January, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

You must have read my mind Mr Edge.I nominated him for best UK blog and one other too.


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