Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reap what you sow

Late post today as I'm having problems posting from my usual place.Damn frustrating but not much I can do.The work browser seems to have some kind of cookie problem and when it doesn't my words come up 10 seconds after I type them ( 10 seconds before I think them would be cool) which is driving me nuts.

Anyways first bad news and good news.I've lost my only known non-blogger reader! The good news is Rosie has started her own blog and its well worth a visit. As is the Grinder who was kind enough to add a link to this here blog today.

Second Congrats to Jestocost on winning and to Jordan and Tripjax for organizing it and getting such a fine turnout.Hope to make the next Daddi event in Feb.

Didn't play much poker last night. Is it possible to be on your "A" game at one site and play like a complete donk at another? Strangely I've noticed I can be like this when multi-tabling too.Running over one table with sweet moves and reads whilst playing like complete plonker on the other.

Lost $32 at Ladbrokes 6 max on a hand where we both had the Ace but the villan had a 10 kicker to my 8.Truthfully after the hand I felt it was another tale of bad luck. I mean Ace anything isn't a bad hand at 6 max but when I reflected on it I played it very poorly.I did feel my opponent was weak and made a large reraise on the river but the villan made a good call.

Read The Blogfathers latest excellent post.Some great stuff but the losers song and Poker zone parts caught my eye in particular and are well worth a look.

The Poker zone article mentions concentration and has helped me realise how poor mine has been at the table recently.I'll start the game,play a few hands then go and read a blog or a football site and play when the game pops up.Hell I've even played Ridge Racer on my psp during cash games.

Sure my lucks not been great at times but keep harping on about it and it becomes a self-fufilling prophecy. Played a $5 sng at Pokerroom and ended up all in with 66 v KJ. After a ragged flop Pokerrooms software shows I'm a 76% fav before a King came on the turn and I was out.My first reaction was to smile wistfully in a kind of "well I knew that was going to happen,its just typical recently" but quite frankly thats just pathetic self pity.I was a tiny favourite going into the hand and lost.Not a bad beat in a million years!

In short lack of concentration and poor plays mean I really need a break.Will I take one.Will I fuck!

I will stick to playing at the lowest stakes and play through my crapness.Oh yes.

I did make a quick $7 at Interpokers 6 max table before bed and also made sure I was crashed out by 12.45am last night which is an early night for me and has hopefully gone some way to restoring my usual bright breezy self. ( lol) I certainly more awake today than I have for a while.

Bought Lou Reed's "Transformer" today and nearly "The best of the Beach Boys".I've heard Pet Sounds is brilliant and fancy giving them a proper try.Still can't get The Legend of Johnny Cash off my cd player though.There's not one bad track on it and I could listen to him singing about going to Jackson or being a boy called Sue all day long.

Juice mentioned someone asking him if he was too old to be into young indie bands.( he's 25 lol).

I think one of the great parts of maturing ( turning into an old bassa) is that you don't need to pigeon hole yourself in any walk of life.I can go from Johnny Cash to Eminem to Floyd to trance dance without giving it a thought yet when I was younger and into rock like Guns n Roses and Alice Copper my friends gave me a hard time for also thinking Paul Simon was great.

Maybe I'm schizo but being older I can accept that I'm quite an outgoing person but painfully shy in certain social situations.Possibly I've learned that most of us are a mass of contradictions and that they don't all need explaining or justifying.

Ok no more whinging about luck.( see a real bad beat story at Iggys blog!).

Yes its a factor but not as much as skill and emotional control.Now go reap what you sow....


At Thursday, 12 January, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

personally i feel very superstitous about poker. If i change seats at a table i feel ive changed a variable and my luck will be different. If i get up and come back i cant be certain things will be the same. I think its the same with poker rooms. Sometimes you can play exactly the same game but hit gold at one site and absolute rubbish at another.

Naturally when you dont get the cards it can make you go chasing, playing catch up poker and then the difference between teh two sites could very much be your play.

But I think you just have to be solid and all will be fine.

At Friday, 13 January, 2006, Blogger Jestocost said...

Wow. Thanks for the mention! It's certainly my first on a non-US blog (and likely to be my last). Hope to run into you at the tables sometime.

At Saturday, 14 January, 2006, Blogger Littleacornman said...

No probs Jestocost.Nice to have a DADI Superstar stopping by!

I'll link you up.



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