Monday, January 16, 2006

Large Package!

No not a guest post from Mrs A about her wonderful Mr A but the breaking news that Nachos new chew toy has arrived from his dear friends Mr Edge and Juice!

Here's the before and after pics....Add your own captions...

Thanks lads.That's what makes blogging great.You never know when a toy duck will come through the post.

Step A saw what he'd done to it and reckoned he's a murderer.Just add it to the charge sheet...

Played well last night but dropped $40.Lost a buyin ( $50) when I got the villan all in after a flop of K 4 4.He'd raised 4bb preflop and I'd called with AK.He called my all in and when a Q came on the turn I just knew I was beaten and he showed KQ to take the pot.Very frustrating.

Lost another big ( for this level) pot when I made 2 pairs on the river with J10 and called on all in on a ragged board after I'd been betting out.He was in bb and I thought he may have had me beaten with a lucky 2 pair until I made my hand on the river.He had me beaten on the flop with a set of sevens.Not sure if I could have got away from my hand but one thing I will try and do is give my self more thinking time in future.Ok I was sure I was ahead but I called instantly without giving the villans rereaise enough thought.

I suppose part of having a years online poker behind me means I find it easier to look objectively at a session and determine whether I played well based on decisions made and not how much was won or lost although ultimately its the bottom line that counts.

Am I still a newbie? I'm not sure.With just over a year at the tables the obvious answer is yes but I would estimate I've played over 1500 hours of online poker which is the time equivalent of playing a 4 hour session once a week for over 7 years.

Veneno 's post on Sunday mentioend taking her kids to Disney and her wee girl loving the all girl pop band that played.Reminded me of us taking Step A away for a long weekend at Wemyss Bay caravan park.Not quite Disney but they put on shows at night and on the first night we were sat right up the back when the "Dreamgirls" came on stage and danced around in skimpy revealing wee outfits whilst miming to rubbish bubblegum pop.( and yes Step A got the signed poster too).

The next night I made sure we all had an early meal,we headed down to the hall and I made sure we had seats right next to the stage so we could all watch the girls more closely and marvel at their wonderful co-ordination.( hehehe)

Everything goes to plan except for one critical part.It was the Dreamgirls night off and their male equivalent were on.

I looked on disgusted as Mrs A eyed them up as if they were mere objects or pieces of meat.I vowed never to return.Unless I double checked who was going to be on that night first...

Big thanks again to Juice for helping me with my Pokertracker.Looks like I won't have to pay for a new one due to my stupidity and screwing up the last one.

Probably wont play tonight but that feels like I've booked a $55 win.Nice one J.

Here's a couple of snippets to keep you smiling....

Drowned sorrows:
On the morning of a family funeral, a Busby woman told her husband how
worried she was about becoming too upset during the service.Happily, the funeral proved to be a celebration of a life well-lived, with a boisterous wake, much enhanced by a free bar. On returning home very late, the woman was met on the doorstep by her worried husband, inquiring: "How was the service?" In slurred tones, the woman replied: "Terrible – it was three deep at the bar and only two folk were serving."

Instant attraction: Pithy putdowns, continued. Diary stalwart Donald Grant assures us he was in a trendy pub when he overheard a young man-about-town trying to impress a young lady by listing his many skills. He concluded by asserting: "Ah also huv a magnetic personality." Says Donald: "Without even turning her head she dismissed him with the words 'Then, if ah wis you, ah'd steer well clear o' scrapyards'."


At Monday, 16 January, 2006, Blogger The Edge said...

Wow. I sure wouldn't want to meet Nacho in a dark alley!

At Monday, 16 January, 2006, Blogger Juice said...

I cannot believe nacho killed the duck!

At Monday, 16 January, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

Mrs A says its those chewing powers that got him in trouble in the first place :-)

Nacho says thanks and he'd like to see the desert menu...

At Monday, 16 January, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

ps you forgot the orange sauce


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