Thursday, January 19, 2006

Final Countdown

Earned 18 more raked hand bonus points at Interpoker last night leaving only 122 to go for my $200 bonus.Its been a long slog but at long last its nearly done.I'm not going to qualify for Laddys $100k freeroll but will be playing in their $10 mtt to win a trip to Sydney tonight at 7.30 pm.

Lost $12 earning my bonus points.I had just finished reading Tripjax 's excellent post about playing scared when I get AJ at my £.25-.50 6 max table.I call a £2 pf raise and the preflop raiser leads out for 50p after a flop of J 10 6.This gets raised to £1 by another villan and the action is on me in late position.I have tptk and am facing a weak post flop bet and an even weaker reraise.

I actually thought the reraiser may be on a draw ( poss KQ?) and should have trusted my instincts and bet the £8 pot but fear of J10 or a set scared me and I simply called and then called his £2 bet on a blank turn with 3 of us still in the pot.

The river was a 5 and this time the orignal preflop raiser folded to the other villans £5 bet and I called to see him show 10 5 and scop the pot.Nobodys fault but my own due to weak timid play.

Away from the poker our rivals celti*c have signed ex Rangers striker Kenny Miller.First time a player has crossed the divide for 17 years .Rangers sold him because he wasn't good enough and while he has improved I still don't rate him very highly.2 goals from his last 14.Hope that form continues at the Beggardrome for the ratboy Rangers reject.

Couple more snippets from the papers before I go...

Alex McSherry, who is hosting two Burns suppers at Glasgow's Oran Mor, once organised a Burns night in Moscow where the unfortunate Russian chef dropped the haggis as he was being piped in, and it burst open. Alex helped him to scoop the contents off the floor and it was duly addressed. Five years later, Alex was guest speaker at the same event when the same thing happened. Commiserating on the chef's bad luck, Alex learned they had been doing it every year, under the impression that it was part of the ritual.

Our suggestion that it has been a bit wet in Glasgow recently brings forth the comment from a woman, normally residing in sunny California, who wipes the rain from her glasses long enough to ask: "Do you think Scotland is the only country where a weather forecast of 'rain, followed by showers' actually makes sense to the locals?"


At Thursday, 19 January, 2006, Blogger TripJax said...

I hate to say it, but you might have saved money as I bet he calls you don't with that weak ass 10 5. That's frustrating. You'll never didn't win the hand, but you may have lost less in this case...

Thanks for the kudos on the post I wrote...

At Thursday, 19 January, 2006, Blogger littleacornman said...

If I'd played it right it would have been damn expensive for him to call me down but I think you're right and I would have lost more afterall he called a 4bb preflop raise with 10 5 off so why fold when he's caught a piece of the flop.

At the lowest levels its the other donkeys poor plays that make the game so profitable but the unpredictable nature of their play can have a downside too occasionally.

Doesn't make my scared play correct but at least probably saved me cash which makes me a bit happier about it lol.


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