Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weekend Latest

First thanks to Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo for the comment yesterday.I've sent you a contact thingy on Yahoo IM.I don't play many sngs/mtts but I do enjoy playing them especially with other bloggers.It would be nice if there wasn't such a big time difference between here and the US and I'd be able to join in more often.I've signed up for the Dadi WSOP game and I'm trying to work lots of hours at work to pay off the 14 hours flexi I owe the company and be able to at least take the morning after Dadi off because if I do manage not to donk out quickly it could be a late one.

Had a good night last night out on the swally.A ban on smoking in all public places came into effect on March 26th and it was very strange and annoying not to be able to have a cig with my beer and having to go outside for one.I voted no to the devolved Scottish parliament as I thought it would bring more nanny state interfering laws and I was right.By all means have smoking areas that must be well ventilated but a complete ban is wrong.Lets ban fatty foods,alcohol,cars and ingrown toenails while we're at it.

I didn't get back too late last night so despite telling myself never to play for real money when pished ( drunk) I rolled a smoke and opened a Laddys table.It certainly helped me play a more aggressive game thats for sure.I dropped about $5 when I realised that and calmed down a bit.A villan raised $2 and I folded my K8 telling myself I don't play that kind of hand in a raised pot.Two eights on the flop and a King on the turn, three of the 6 at the table all in and an eventual $124 pot meant I was slightly cheesed off at myself for choosing that moment to get sensible even though it was probably the right fold.

Maybe when all my folded cards start hitting the board like that I should throw logic out the window and start playing the rush! Maybe not...

That kind of thing happening can often be my worst tilt trigger.I sit and stew thinking about how I should be up at least $50 and Mr Fish with the big stack after calling a raise with 85 should be broke and how its just not fair and just and if thats the way it works I'm gonna call raises with junk from any positon but I didn't do that last night.

I checked this morning and for about 1/2 hrs play I actually made $7 profit which considering by the time Mrs A arrived home ( from her bingo night) I could barely hold my head up wasn't too bad.

Drank a pint of water before hitting the sack at 1.25am.Probably the earliest I've been to bed on a Friday night for months.

Feeling a bit tired today but not too bad considering.I wasn't quite at the singing football songs stage last night ( always a sign I'm very drunk) but I wasn't a kick in the arse off it.

Heading off to the Rangers v Motherwell game in a minute.Looking forward to squeezing in some poker later.

May all your pots be big and juicy! ( it may have been fake but I'm gonna miss the Champ!)

ps Where's Rosie? I'm getting "page not found" messages.Hope its just a blogspot blip and you've not pulled the plug!

Added my email addy and Yahoo id to my profile page.Not sure for how long as I can't seem to change my yahoo id to acorn man.( or e-tard).hmmm.


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