Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Witterings

Another quick session last night resulted in aprox $50 profit.In the same way I like to have my bedroom clock running ten minutes fast I’m going to say I made aprox $50 when it was nearer $60 that way I won’t feel immediately under pressure should I start my next session a few $$ down.Sundays figures update will be accurate.

Began by bombing out a 30 player $5 turbo sng on Pokerroom.I’d been playing a tight game.So tight in fact that I crashed out on the first hand I’d played and yes when my chips went in I was ahead only to get suckered on the river.

Moved to an Interpoker 6 max £.15-.30 table where I called a min raise from late postion with that premium hand K4.Its easy to get suckered into calling with lots of garbage hands when in late postion or the small blind and everyone else has called as the pot odds are good.I did ask myself what kind of flop I was actually looking for in when limping here.At 6 max a high card that hits can be valuable if played cautiously so I suppose that was my justification.Flop came a lovely Kh 4d 5d.

It was a loose table with an £8 average pot and although I hadn’t been there long I gambled that someone would open the betting and checked.I was right.A villan bet just over the pot ( £4.50).Looking at the board only trips worried me.I felt it more likely he had a King and wanted to protect his hand.As it was unlikely he’d read me for my K4 I raised it to £12 to try and make it look like a semi-bluff ( either straight or flush draw).He reraised me all in and I insta called and smashed his big slick to pieces.

I did wonder afterwards how this write up would have looked if he had made his set.It also got me to thinking about this here poker blog and the endless introspection of my game.While overall it has to be valuable to look in depth at my own game and individual hands I do wonder if sometimes that very introspection that’s supposed to help and improve my play actually prevents me from saying “that’s poker” and moving on to the next hand.

It was actually Juice who got me thinking along these lines.He said in a comment that “the introspection that comes with defeat can make anyones game look pretty ugly.” He wrote this after a small downswing at Interpoker despite also posting the stats for the 3k hands he played there that showed off some fine figures.”Losing streaks”,”Inter Hell” “and now losing comes home” were amongst his post titles during his excellent run.

Perhaps poker blogging and too much introspection does result in mountains being made out of molehills on occasion.I still feel I’ve learned enough from looking at my own game to make it a worthwhile exercise though I have to say I’ve probably learned a lot more from reading other players blogs.There really is some great stuff out there.

Taking Mrs A out for dinner tonight as its pay day today then its home to chill and hopefully play some poker.3am limit on my poker tonight! Unless I’m winning at a juicy table or losing and need to recoup some losses….


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